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We are Unstoppable!

Eurovision 2014 is over and the Queen of Europe was crowned (see below) with a clear message to Putin and people like him that you can’t get the queer out of Europe. Sweden came in 3rd, Norway should have gotten a few more points, Poland was quite interesting and Italy gave us an Empress Rome can be proud of ;) Let us know in the comments who you were rooting for!

Conchita Wurst – Rise Like a Phoenix (Austria) 2014 LIVE Eurovision Grand Final


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Sexytimes Sunday *27

Photo by Markus Bollingmo


My Eyes are up here!

So, we already know Norwegians like to be naked no matter where they are but this example of a guy picking up ladies in the buff is probably not exactly common even there. Straight people… ;)

Naked Guy Picking Up Girls

Good looking people really do get away with anything


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All Around The World

Photo by Markus



The BlackSheeps – Edwin (Official music video)

If the video is blocked in your country try this one

Watch this, it’s worth it and easy to understand even without subtitles.

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One Hell of a Jump

Norwegians are not only good on skies, they also love their snowboards. And one 13-year-old lad just impressed the snowboard world by doing the hardest trick possible in the sport. Not more than three years ago the first triple cork in history was landed by Torstein Horgmo (You guessed it, Norwegian as well). Ever since only six other people managed to pull off this trick. Marcus Kleveland just joined this illustrious circle at the tender age of 13…

13 Year Old Marcus Kleveland Nails Triple Cork

Naked Norwegians

Ever wondered what Norwegian teens do for fun? ;)

Naked Guy Jumps 60 Meters On Skis!

Submitted by Anon