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Periodical Political Post *130

Queer News

  • British study suggests drug use seven times higher in gay community
  • Philippines activists fear new cybercrime law will target trans people
  • First gay Hong Kong lawmaker seeks same-sex marriage legalisation
  • Serbia cancels Belgrade pride parade planned for October once again
  • U.S. pundit says civil rights are for “blacks, not women, gays & homeless

Other News

  • Judge says no constitutional right to secret ballot for Americans
  • Sony thinks it’s a good idea to track your DNA to prevent piracy
  • Police kills a double amputee in a wheelchair for wielding a pen
  • The drugs don’t work: a modern medical scandal in big pharma
  • The mystery of the disappearing bees was apparently solved

Bras for Boys, Girls & Everyone Else

With cascading blond locks and a lithe form that’d make Kate Moss jealous, Andrej Pejic has walked for top designers in both men and women’s clothing. Now the Serbian beauty is appearing in a series of ads for Dutch department store Hema’s new Mega push-up bra as Queerty reports.. The media is abuzz with the controversy this is causing in the usually progressive Netherlands, but we really don’t see the big deal.

Boyish girls have been used to sell women’s clothing since before Twiggy was a mere sprout and gender-benders like Amanda Lepore, RuPaul and Carmen Carrera have popped up in fashion spreads for more than a decade. The only question that matters is does Pejic look good in the adverts—and clearly he does.


Periodical Political Post *78

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Periodical Political Post *73

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Andrej’s Secret

To model for Victoria’s Secret, an industry source whispered in my third eye, you must be a woman. Which has Andrej Pejic, the "femiman" model born a boy but blessed with the girlish features fashion designers love hang their clothes on, and seen here speaking to the Telegraph before walking in Jean Paul Gaultier’s show in Paris, considering the possibility of a sex change if the lingerie company would offer him a contract. He’s kidding, of course. Sort of. I guess? I can’t tell! But: Isn’t it quite neat that we can have candid chats about gender identity, even if they do take place in the fashion industry bubble?

More at Homotography | Text via Queerty


Gay Pride & Riots in Belgrade

Sunday’s gay pride parade, the first in Serbia after 2001, sparked riots in central Belgrade, with dozens of people injured and arrested.

According to local media reports, almost a hundred people, including around 50 policemen, were injured in anti-gay riots that followed Sunday’s gay pride march in the Serbian capital. B92 TV reported clashes between police and rioters at several locations in the city centre, including the headquarters of the ruling Democratic Party and the national television centre. Several protesters tried to enter the parliament building before being chased away by police. Anti-gay rioters threw stones at police officers in full riot gear, smashed and burned cars, and looted kiosks. They chanted “The hunt has begun”, and sang nationalist songs. Police sources quoted by Reuters reported that one gay rights activist was beaten unconscious while more than 100 people were detained.

Aftermath of the riot | Scenes from the riot itself can be seen here

Serbian President Boris Tadic condemned the violence, saying that freedom of expression is guaranteed by constitution. "Serbia will ensure the protection of human rights for all citizens, regardless of their differences and any attempts to deny them their freedoms through violence will not go through", the president said in a statement.

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Periodical Political Post *60

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Sadly some kids might not get this joke ;)