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  • Shell beaches oil rig, risks oil disaster just to avoid taxes
  • US Republicans let Violence Against Women Act just die
  • Catholic church gifted billions from illegal tax exemption
  • US airport security is laughing at your naked body pics
  • France offering free birth control for girls from 15-18

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Periodical Political Post *114

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  • Spain’s constitutional court delays verdict over legality of same-sex marriage 
  • Ecuadorian court says civil union registrations from same-sex couples are valid
  • U.S. football star makes her homosexuality public, urges others to come out
  • Hate groups still preach students can be indoctrinated into homosexual behaviour
  • Parliament in Ukraine reported to have cancelled vote on anti-gay propaganda law
  • School suspends teacher until she gets her son to get back into the closet

Other News

  • Democracy wins for now, European Parliament kills global anti-piracy law ACTA
  • U.S. Cops to get tech to covertly irradiating people, looking through their clothes
  • The rotten heart of finance: A scandal over key interest rates is about to go global
  • America’s War on Drugs: 12 years for cough syrup, charges for Ibuprofen
  • Under U.S. law, several million teens could be prosecuted for child pornography
  • Parents send kids to boot camp in Utah to cure “porn addiction” [Warning: Daily Mail]

Nico and Dani

In this Spanish coming-of-age drama, two teenage boys find their sexual awakening and liberty put to the test over the summer of 1999. Nico is a budding motorcycle mechanic who has been invited to stay for the season by his best friend Dani. Dani’s parents have left for vacation, leaving the two boys with the run of a summer home over the course of ten days. After bouts of smoking marijuana, eating junk food, and drinking, the boys emerge in innocent sexual games, including "krámpack," a Spanish euphemism for "hand-job."

After their self-involved sexual escapades, the two begin to forge a sexual relationship until two local girls, Elena and Berta, enter their lives and begin to take an interest in them. Dani still pines for Nico, with whom he has fallen in love, but Nico only sees their sex play as fun and becomes more involved with the prospect of female attention. When jealousy starts to consume Dani, he finds solace in an older man, Julian, whom he sees as a potential rebound for his feelings toward Nico, even though his heart may still lie with his friend. Krámpack is adapted from a Spanish play of the same name by acclaimed Barcelona native Cesc Gay.

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Savage Grace

The Background

Barbara Daly Baekeland was a wealthy socialite who was murdered by her son, Antony Baekeland. Baekeland had a complex and allegedly incestuous relationship with her gay son, Antony. She attempted to “fix” her son by having prostitutes take him to bed; after this failed, Baekeland was alleged to have manipulated or coerced her son into having sex with her.

Barbara & Antony Baekeland

The Baekeland’s were determined to promote Tony as some sort of child prodigy, constantly showing off to their friends about everything he had written or drawn at school. ‘They wanted the boy to be a genius,’ said artist Yvonne Thomas. ‘That’s what struck me. I felt uncomfortable with him because I felt he felt he had to be something.’

One acquaintance remembered the Baekeland’s ordering their young son to read aloud from the Marquis de Sade’s erotic writings. Another broke off contact with the couple after hearing Brooks’s evident pride as he described how Tony had pulled the wings off a fly to see how it would affect its balance. ‘That kind of sadistic behaviour is quite common in children, but one seldom sees a father who thinks it is marvellous,’ said the shocked friend. Read on… [Warning: Daily Mail]

The Film

A sick-room torpor hangs heavily about this masterfully controlled, elegantly composed movie by Tom Kalin. It is a sensational, lurid story: erotic and repulsive by overlapping turn. And it’s pulp fact. Barbara Daly was the would-be actress, artist and social alpinist who in post-war New York married wealthy Brooks Baekeland, a travel writer and heir to the Bakelite fortune.

Her drinking, her propensity for making a scene in public, and her weakness for pseudo-bohemian adulterous flings evidently made the marriage a living hell. She could find a smothering intimacy only with her gay son, Tony Daly. Mother, father and son created a dysfunctional love triangle which ended in violence and bloodshed.

It is a story of the very rich, a milieu rarely and not always convincingly rendered in the movies: a brittle world of selfish people who are never sympathetic and often never even comprehensible. Appropriately for the leisured classes, Kalin has an eye for the mood and feeling of ennui. When Tony helps his mother from the bath, the camera lingers on her knees and she looks as vulnerable as a sickly child. This is a gripping, coldly brilliant and tremendously acted movie. [Full Review]

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