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Extra Small Condoms for Teen Boys

In a move against teen pregnancy extra small condoms for boys as young as 12 are going on sale in Switzerland. Called the Hotshot, the condom has been produced after government research showed 12 to 14-year-olds did not use sufficient protection when having sex. The study, conducted on behalf of the Federal Commission for Children and Youth, interviewed 1,480 people aged 10 to 20. It showed more 12 to 14-year-olds were having sex, in comparison with the 1990s.

The Hotshot condoms, which cost ca. € 5,20 for a packet of six, have been created by Lamprecht AG, a leading condom manufacturer in Switzerland. The company has said the UK would be “top priority” if they expanded abroad, considering that it has the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe.

Ad from an American campaign against teen pregnancy
Ad from an American campaign against teen pregnancy

A standard condom has a diameter of 5,2 cm in comparison with the Hotshot’s diameter of 4,5 cm. Both are the same length – 19 cm. According to a German study of 13 to 20-year-olds, a quarter said a standard condom was too large.

Family planning groups and the Swiss Aids Federation campaigned to have the Hotshot produced after a number of studies, including the government study researched at the Centre for Development and Personality Psychology at Basel University. Nancy Bodmer, who headed the research, said: “The result that shocked us concerned young boys who display apparently risky behaviour. They have more of a tendency not to protect themselves. They do not have a very developed sexual knowledge. They do not understand the consequences of what they are doing and leave the young girls to take care of the consequences. “The results of this study suggest that early prevention makes sense.”

The age of consent in Switzerland is 16, although if the age difference is not more than three years there will be no punishment. Other concessions exist if the older person is not more than 20 or believed the younger person to be at least 16. Source: Telegraph.co.uk


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Boy, 4, Chooses Long Locks and Is Suspended From Class How easy it became for boys to scare the hell out of our society. They just have to dare to look a little bit too feminine: A suburban Dallas school district has suspended a 4-year-old from his prekindergarten class because he wears his hair too long and does not want his parents to cut it. The boy, Taylor Pugh, says he likes his hair long and curly. But the school board in Mesquite voted unanimously to enforce its ban on Beatles haircuts, much less anything approaching coiffures of bands like Led Zeppelin. School officials say the district’s dress code serves to limit distractions in the classroom.  No exception could be made for the pint-size rebel, who sat through the hearing with his hair in a ponytail, manifestly bored. Read more at the New York Times.



Break Free

Many Countries (like Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, New Zealand, Brazil, Turkey and Germany) are using censor lists to keep you away from certain sites like some image boards (e.g. 12chan), file sharing sites (e.g. The Pirate Bay) or in some cases even whole communities like Blogspot, WordPress and YouTube.

It’s pretty easy to bypass these filters though. All you need to do is using a neutral DNS server. A DNS server maps the domain name you enter in your browser (like www.milkboys.org) to the IP of the site you want to enter (like If a government tries to keep you away from a site they just keep a list of domain names and if you enter one of the domains on the list in you browser the local DNS server doesn’t resolve the name so you can’t get to the site.

But nobody can prevent you from using a DNS server outside of your country. OpenDNS for example. Just change the IP of your name server to OpenDNS (watch video below  to see how) and enjoy your regained freedom.

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The Censored Net

Wikileaks has released the secret Internet censorship list for Denmark. The list contains 3863 sites blocked by Danish ISPs participating in Denmark’s censorship scheme as of February 2008. Danish ISPs "volunteer" to censor their users rather than face legislation and the top three ISPs are participants. The system can be used to censor anything, but is meant to be for child pornography sites found by the Danish police and the Danish "Save the Children" group. The list is generated without judicial or public oversight and is kept secret by the ISPs using it. Unaccountability is intrinsic to such a secret censorship system. List like this also are in use in Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Thailand and are planned for several other countries including Germany.

If you (dare to) click through the list you will realize that nearly all of the banned sites are legal, only a ridiculous small number of them are actually showing pictures which could be considered as child pornography. The Finnish list is pretty much the same as in Denmark and someone did the work of checking all sites for their actual content. Here are the results:




completely irrelevant


9 (<1%)

nothing to do with child porn


879 (84%)

legal/clothed child models


46 (4-5%)

small portion of  questionable content


28 (2-3%)

contains child pornography


9 (<1%)

site is dead or not reachable


76 (7-8%)

So: Less than 1% (!) of the sites on the list are containing child porn while nearly 25% are legal gay sites! And that’s where it gets dangerous: nobody can control the content of these censor list. Today there are banning legal gay sites, tomorrow they might ban sites of uncomfortable political groups (not so unrealistic since countries like Australia and New Zealand are already using anti-terror laws to spy on anti-war protestors and animal right groups).

'cause there is none

[Found at DeviantArt]

German: Einen Deutschen Artikel zum Thema gibt’s bei Schutzalter, der Gründer von Wikileaks hat außerdem auf dem 25C3 einen Vortrag gehalten den man hoffentlich bald runterladen kann. Ich poste den Link in den Kommentaren sobald das Video online ist.

Every person shall have the right freely to express and disseminate his opinions in speech, writing, and pictures and to inform himself without hindrance from generally accessible sources. Freedom of the press and freedom of reporting by means of broadcasts and films shall be guaranteed. There shall be no censorship. – German Basic Law, Article 5


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