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Periodical Political Post *108

Queer News

  • Tunisia rejects United Nations call to decriminalise same-sex acts
  • Moscow police cracks down on banned gay pride rally, arresting 40
  • Petition urges Ukrainian president to stop anti-gay “propaganda” law
  • High School graduation party turns into attempt at burning gay man alive
  • Support for gay marriage higher among African-Americans than U.S. average

Other News

  • Cardinal pays $20K to priests who raped kids, then rails against immorality of gays
  • India sets age of consent to 18, makes sexual intercourse for consenting teens illegal 
  • U.S. Republicans block law aiming to battle wage discrimination against women
  • Researchers funded with European tax money release anonymous BitTorrent client
  • Mother in U.S. state of Connecticut arrested for letting 13-year-old son babysit siblings