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Into Circle

Into Circle – JuBaFilms & MTutorials
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Lick my Cake

CHEWY JUNIOR TVC – Don Nguyen, Chan Thanh San, Tra Ngoc Hang

Found by Beauty Hunter

This ad got the actors and producers into quite some trouble…

Each of the actors were fined $5 million VND and the production company was fined $50 million VND for producing this TV commercial by the Vietnamese government. The actors and director were also prohibited from working for 6 months in any paid jobs, filmed projects, music videos, TV commercials or concerts.


Even We’re Apart

Vietnamese Boy Love Story – Even We're Apart (Full Short Film)

Submitted by Caietan


Big Trouble in Little Bistro

Big Trouble in Little Bistro – JuBaFilms

Submitted by Kaii | More from JuBa here & here

Food is serious business, all right


Sappy Saturday, anyone?

2 nam sinh viên tỏ tình tại đại học RMIT

Found by Derek


Periodical Political Post *155

Queer News

  • Anti-gay propaganda bill “reflects Russian values”, foreign minister says
  • Australia: Gay kids bullied by teachers as well as students says new study
  • Christian group campaigns against program to stop bullying of gay kids
  • Vote on same-sex marriage in Vietnam likely to be delayed until next year 
  • Transgender woman to stand for election in Pakistan for the first time

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Not yet a Hero

Remember about the amazingly talented lads from JuBaFilms? They’re back…

Not Yet A Hero – JuBaFilms

Periodical Political Post *127

Queer News

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With a Piece of Chalk

milkboys reader afewlastwords sent in a short by JuBaFilms, who are not only pretty cute bunch of young film makers but also have a couple of other impressive videos on their YouTube channel.
With A Piece Of Chalk – JuBaFilms

Periodical Political Post *120

Queer News

Other News

  • French President made good on pledge of 75% income tax for the rich 
  • American "Anti-Occupy" law makes protesting easier in China than in U.S.
  • Texas about to execute inmate who’s on the mental level of a 7-year-old
  • In China, the rich & powerful hire body doubles to do their prison time
  • NASA rover Curiosity makes historic Mars landing, beams back photos