9 thoughts on “Tainted Tuesday *1”

  1. I'll have to admit, this pic gave me a semi*



    Not quite an erection, but getting there.

    That's right ;)

  2. I already had a semi, but this helped sustain it. ;) (And I like Tained Tuesday!)

  3. Thank You Josh. I was a bit depressed for a few daze. However your "tainted" pals have snapped me out of it,…for now.

    Keep'em comming.

  4. If you don't mind I'll post our lovely pal here on inkplum. Ahh, the oblivious beauty of boys. Well okay, some know exactly what they've got, and use it to the max.

    'But I'm trying to be romantic here.

  5. Tainted Love was yesterday, Tainted Tuesdays are here to stay!

    Never was a toothbrush luckier…

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