9 thoughts on “Tainted Tuesday *2”

  1. Ein oder zwei Bilder hab ich noch aber leider nicht die komplette Serie. Bei TBW gibt's mehrere Serien mit ihm aber 20 EUR für 30 Tage ><

  2. Wow, he's perfectly smooth, without blemish, spot, or wrinkle. Wonderful. Where does he come from? What site? No matter, I just loved to be teased and titillated with mystery. Like the one that lies beyond his right hand. His long slender thighs, gosh, I wonder what his ass is like? I mean what it looks like. Another mystery that my imagination could be swept away with. Cherry lips, and a bad boy tattoo. Very nice. Okay I'm creeping my own self out… I'll stop. Okay not just yet. Speaking of smooth, Josh, You got it goin on. You look pretty damn smooth yourself. Hmm What does "large" mean on your profile ( you know the one I'm talking about?). It's got me thinkin… I should probably but a nut and get off the net since I've just typed some shiznit that would creep the hell out of even me. I guess I get aaa, but creepy when I'm a bit randy. But seriously, You look good, Michelangelo would blush ;)

    Signed, Creepy net admirer, turtleshellin

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