18 thoughts on “Tainted Tuesday *20”

  1. I’m so confused. Could this possibly be photoshopped? I just can’t wrap my head around it. It’s like the Maury show. Jeeze!

  2. @TSI … no, it’s not photoshopped … it’s a boy who desperately wants to be a girl (or was it the other way around?) – anyway, she/he is real!

  3. All I can say are two things;
    Yay for feminine and androgynous guys, and I have that hat, just with a tighter top.

  4. *blushes*

    I really have a fetish for feminine boys…on the other side thats just one of many other XDDD

  5. Hey Josh, for what it’s worth if you remeber you were talking about putting more explicit images up on milkboys? well, this is a great example of the kind of thing you should be going for. It’s not overtly obvious (it took me a few second to notice the lower half of the picture) and it feels real and has some weight and feeling behind it.

    I hope you keep doing nude or explicit images with something to them, cause they are great!

  6. I have had nothing for travas, sofar, but this is the 1st image I’ve seen èver that I fount quite hot .
    Just hope he’se not the sort of guy (girl) who wants to get rid of his (her) best assets . . .

  7. The only thing that surprises me are your reactions, I immediatly knew it was a boy! I think it is obvious. If you have seen Billy Elliot (movie)… he looks a lot like him. He’s got feminine features, but he has the face of a man. By the way, men who have feminine features = hawt XD

  8. The only feminine “feature” about this guy are his clothes. He looks like a normal guy, with masculine jaw line, adam’s apple, and some shaving cuts on throat. Apparenty some of you should visit ophtalmologist.
    However, I found his look quite appealing!

  9. It’s Natalie/Kitten. She (preferred pronoun) was a camwhore on 4chan, but has since “retired”.

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