34 thoughts on “Teasing Tuesday *16”

  1. der typ raucht nicht, schon wie der die zigarette hält … vielleicht aber raucht bei ihm bald was anderes? ;)

  2. @SWNicko
    Nope, I don’t smoke. It’s ok for me if other people do as long as they do it outside but I don’t want them near my books xD

    (Ich erinner mich noch ziemlich gut daran, was für nette Dinge es auf Streetwalk gab als ich so etwa 16 war ><)

  3. The hippocrites above who claim smokers r nono`s for them, I dare to make a bet that if this boy would in fact b at your doorstep, he won`t b hearing…`sorry, I`m not into smoking, pretty boy!`.!!. So I say… FUCK THE SIGARETTE AND FUCK HIM TOO!!! HAHAHAHA. starrrrrrrboii.

  4. Lots more of him floating around. Very blue eyes and he isnt shy about showing the rest of his body!

  5. I used to have a few of this guy but then my computer broke… Anyone able to find any more?
    He’s really hot.

  6. Ok ok I get it a lot of ya don’t like smokers but ya gotta amit he is hot, slim, cute and not forgetting nude so even if he does smoke i wouldn’t mind hanging around with him.

  7. Nobody will want to kiss you, darling.
    Weeeeeeeeeeeeell possibly some people could just about tolerate tobacco breath.
    (Some people find it quite sexy, apparently.)
    Probably being cute slender boy helps.

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