44 thoughts on “Teasing Tuesday *35”

  1. O____o gender bender…. my mind cant comprehend this XD i cant decide if i’d tap that or not :s

    1. If ‘minors’ didn’t get and use digital cameras, then you wouldn’t be able to see MOST of the photos you enjoy looking at and commenting on. It’s not like they’re alcohol or drugs (internal) … like every ‘toy’, sometimes it can get overused, but overall, I’m glad that some of them have and use them (if only more of them will CLEAN THEIR MIRRORS!). :-))

    1. agree :P but not on a boy who looks ….. well….. not not like a boy XD he looks HOT as a girl tho :P just not as a boy…

      1. very well said luntian. but i was really amazed to see a non-queer commenter here. glad to see the same flag though. :D

  2. I know this picture… I think he is adorable.

    Minors with cameras!! Oh my god, they might learn about that evil sex. LOL I learned on my own way before that and no cameras, no internet and no cell phones… but a lot of nice cool woods down by the creek (pronounced CRik). :D

    1. I don’t bleeping care what anyone does or doesn’t know about sex (unless they’re sharing my bed)…. It’s what authorities would do to him if they got hold of the picture.

    2. LOL’d at pronunciation of the word creek…that’s how I grew up saying it too.
      But yeah, boys without cameras would be like boys without bicycles, they’d still get where they wanted to go, just a bit slower.
      And no…just…no.

    1. What’s the “trap?” I’m pretty sure that’s no dildo he’s holding! :-))

      And @Timmy Abbros: You feel what comes naturally to you and don’t worry fret about it. If you like him, that’s cool, if not, that’s cool, too.

      1. I am sure I an not the word/writing nazi PenboyX is (as he has previously pointed out for me), but is the question mark in the correct place being inside the quotation marks?
        The kid is certainly a very girly boy though.

        1. Actually, yes it is …. just check your grammar books. ALL punctuation marks if placed directly AFTER the quoted material are ENCLOSED by the quotation (single or double) marks. So speaketh your friendly word Nazi, as you so implied. :-))

  3. i rekcon he’s hot. those cute little pink panties and the way his bra doesnt hide those nipples. mmm.
    I know i’d approach him from behind first.

  4. No, no, no. I admire the male physique and this just looks too feminine for me. Each to their own though!

    1. Yes, each to their own, of course. But [facial] “looks” [and body motions] are not the same as physiques. If you admire the MALE physique, then he definitely HAS what MALES possess. It just may not show in the same way :-))

  5. I like this shot. I like the diaphanous pinkness of the scene – he creates and conveys that using, really, very few props. I think that’s really creative. I also think he’s got a really attractive figure. I love his hair (wig?) and I think he’s got lovely eyes, too. Very sexy.

  6. Gosh I’m I insane if I said I like to suck on his cock and be with this boy who likes to dress in girls underwear. I mean I gotta say he has got a nice smooth skinned skinny body and yummy tummy.

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