58 thoughts on “Teasing Tuesday *40”

  1. A good looking guy in his underwear is sooo sexy. It’s the ultimate form of teasing. It’s so adorable and sexy.

  2. This boy can allow himself to take pride in his youthful beauty. That is the way it should be. It is a shame to look back and only then realize and accept wihout guilt that you were once a beautiful kid.

  3. tainted tuesday seems to have become teasing tuesday….good call…. its that little gap at the s in diesel…. :P

    1. It is quite teasing, indeed! I love shots of just enough space in a pair of briefs to slip a hand.

    1. Ngabear, I don’t Know how old you are or if your icon is really you but if you are in this boys age range, don’t count yourself out without trying. You are young only once and for such a short time. This boy is making the most of his youth. That is what we all should do or should have done.

      1. Ngabear, if your icon/pic IS really you, you are definitely HOT! (and even better looking than the lad in the underwear)

        1. Nope, not me in the icon. I’m 39 and look nothing like the lovely boy featured in the above photo. I do, however, appreciate the encouragement. :)

          1. Some boys, including myself when I was – ahem, “underage” preferred the older men.. Grandfather old, no, but 39, I consider, wouldn’t be out of range.. I was 14 when I met a 35 year old online.. sure, we took it slow, and it wasn’t until the 3rd or 4th meet did we actually do “anything”, but dreams aren’t always just “dreams”.

            Even at 20, I prefer older guys – and still look like I’m under 18, I’ve been told (and have been asked for my ID from several people I’ve met, just to see my year of birth.. they didn’t believe me haha)..

            1. Thank you for that post. You very nicely proved that it isn’t always just one way. And our laws need to recognize that also, but of course they won’t as long as the religious spreads their fear and the less stable accept it.

              That’s why I stated what I did in another post, “this is just ONE reason to abolish “consenting ages” as a GENERAL law and judge each and every case INDIVIDUALLY on its merits — not just numbers.”

            2. Very much agree – basing cases on numbers is just a way of the court saying “I don’t want to deal with it because it’s morally wrong”.. which is only an opinion, and that’s what makes any country’s laws such judgmental; it’s all based on opinion.

            3. Thank you for your post. During my 50’s I was approached by a number of teen boys. Unfortunately or fortunately, guilt kept me from responding. I was and still am in the closet. Such is the story of my life. A life of quiet frustration. But yes, a teen boy can be attracted to an adult man. One of the best kept secretes of the world I believe.

  4. A very beautiful boy. And very sexy, I addict! I am 39, if you want to know, but I appreciate very much youth’s beauty. I know what law is, but I now that heart cannot be commanded too. I am for the free love, if the two parts agree together. Doesn’t matter sex or age. My brend of birth is love and freedom, nothing more.

    1. eagle, I think you have found a like minded community here. If only consensual love was free.

      1. Thank you, Bruce. I think you wanna say I have found a community that thinks like me, and I think I have understood that you wish that consensual love should be free. I agree. Bye.

        1. Consensual love should be respected… and all love unconditional.
          And all humans over the age of 12 should be respected and given rights, and not treated as porcelain dolls owned by their parents.

  5. Strangely enough he reminds me of Joseph Mcmanners,I wonder if he looks like this now that he’s 16

  6. What strikes me most about this pic is that he has no pit hair….although he seems old enough to have sprouted some. It’s cool if he shaves and it’s cool if he doesn’t…..I don’t really care- just that I noticed his pits.;-)

    Yeah….the gap there in his briefs is pretty over the top…lol Marvelous, perhaps unintentional tease…..?

  7. Whoa….*blush*….if you click on him to enlarge his pic……stare intently at the opening of his briefs. If you look VERY carefully, you will see his penis slit…just a wee bit left (his left) of his navel. It’s exactly inline with how his package is pointing. Wow……

  8. It’s just a shadow. I don’t see any “penis slit” and I looked with a magnifier. Just wishful thinking or a spot on your monitor/screen — needs to be cleaned. But there appears to be 2 arms surrounding [his] left leg.

    1. No…it’s not wishful thinking. Maybe you don’t have the pixel def to see it on your monitor. You have to concentrate on the exact area; just like you look at those trick illusions. Once you do that, it clearly comes into focus….so much so that you can move your head to one side or another and still see it. And as I said, his penis head is in exact line-up with the bulge of his package. I can see it even more clearly with a magnifier and a little bit of skin on one side, below the head.

      I’d have other people look at it as well here, but I think I’ll pass on that idea.;-)

      1. Oh no! You questioned his monitor’s pixel def?! Now, you’ve gone and done it. You’ll be sorry.

        Laugh, Penboy. It’s meant in good fun. And, I didn’t see any slit either.

        1. Maybe I should have a pixel def, penis slit party (PDPSP) and invite everyone.;-)

          Nah, I won’t be sorry because he’s not even supposed to talk to me; Josh’s rules/request.

            1. Thanks Bruce, but that was the ‘old’ Real1 and a ‘Clash of The Titans’ exercise in futility-Josh was right to intervene.

    2. Excuse me. What was that I said? Oh, yes, NO penis slit or anything remotely like that. So says the photographer AND subject. Hmmmmm. Maybe it’s time to get out the glass cleaner and a clean towel? Or just a NEW set of ‘coke-bottle’ glasses? And there’s nothing wrong with MY monitor/screen (I keep them clean).


        1. He offered garlic salt. You offered plain white sugar.

          Sorry, bit I prefer REAL Maple Syrup.


  9. I shave all body hair ( I am at uni and so not so young ). There is no penis slit in view, it is pointing down towards my legs. I take all these pics myself and alone.

    1. Hmmmm……..your package doesn’t look like it’s pointing down to me, but cool on the shaving part. And….you are quite gorgeous in all your other pics as well.;-)

    1. Fernancey, how does it feel to be under such detailed scrutiny? “The penis slit boy!” But I bet a lot of people had fun looking for it. Probably everybody downloaded your picture and blew it up as large as they could. Ever thought about selling posters?

      1. “I bet a lot of people had fun looking for it.”

        With NO results, regardless of the type of screen/monitor you think you have. A lot like looking for gold in your back yard. ‹(•¿•)›

  10. I have been an internet celeb and model for years so im used to all the scrutiny. See me on Myspace Facebook Twitter Tagged and loads more. My pics seem to pop up everywhere. Do a Google search for me.

  11. Fernancey:

    Maybe you have an overactive imagination !

    I don’t think so…it’s pretty obvious on this end and I’ve tried different angles etc. In spite of what the puff adder says, I can see it clearly. So…I guess it’s all mine to enjoy.;-) Thanx for all the pics, BTW!

    1. Obvious? Really? The owner of the slit in question says it’s not there. No one else saw anything remotely resembling a slit. And, I can’t believe you even ever brought it up in such a slurry of excitement. Have you seen so few slits that you need to have “tried different angles” to “enjoy” this one all on your own?

      I’m sorry. This comment is probably way over the line, but I just can’t believe that you made five separate posts about this boy’s pee-hole, particularly after the boy, himself, showed up in the conversation. I just think that shows a general lack of class. Maybe I’m wrong.

      What’s a “puff adder,” by the way?

  12. Puff adder, hmmmm, very interesting. Is that anything like “Puff, The Magic Dragon?” To paraphrase some of its lyrics:
    “Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea …
    A dragon lives forever but not so trick illusions …
    And Puff that mighty dragon, until he ceases his fearless roar.”

    Seriously, though. I looked them up and found that Puff adders make splendid rat-traps. And one of their enemies: humans who don’t like good music. “It’s very hard to refrain from commenting on what ‘some’ of the adults say here for fact, however.”


  13. A gorjus young boy. Makin’ the most of his beauty. The look in his eye’s,his chisled features, the smooth armpits & chest, the large ‘open’ nipples, the delicious puppy fat on his cute lil tummy and the birthmark on his pelvis…And of course the tantalizing gap between flesh and the waist band of his briefs….An amazing pic lol!!!

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