28 thoughts on “Teasing Tuesday *43”

  1. you can tease me anytime you want, sir!
    Josh is so mean by showing us those pictures, hahahahah

  2. bad quality. but nice abs! look skinny like me but those abs ima dream 4! cant c face so dunno how o

  3. well dont want to make you jealous but my bf is the same im more of the muscle type but what can i say i like skinny cause i like to protect and having some otherwise impossible sex lol but i would still do him… hard

  4. This boy is a lil hottie, love the V line reminds me of me when I was his age :-) A great tease picture!

  5. Brilliantly narcissistic…lol!!! Most boys at his age, who are endowed with beauty-usually are. And his tummy & V-line are beautiful. Divine!!!

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