25 thoughts on “Teasing Tuesday *74”

  1. Hardly a tease, as there isn’t much that’s actually hidden, if you view the image at full size. ;)

  2. Now that we’ve finally seen his cock, it’s time we saw him in action. Milo! Please make a porn video with a few of your closest friends. Thanks.

  3. YAY! MauwMauw finally reveals ALL of his beautiful self… Oh Happy Tuesday ! Thanks Milo, Thanks Josh More, Sir, Please, I want some more…

  4. i am another one who would love to see your feet ,your bottom is exqisite and lickable

  5. What a pretty boy. Sure you’re not going to start doing the “rent boy” deal? If so I’ll be in Amsterdam in the spring!

    In any event, thanks for the pictures Milo. They are always cute and interesting.

  6. I love this boy. If you read his stuff he would probably be a great person to hang with as well as other kinds of fun. :)

    1. Well yeah….the skin shots are nice, but there is so much more going on with Milo. While his pics are beautiful, they are like an invitation that says; “Come, know me more!”

  7. Milo – you are beautiful, your eyes are heavenly and your cock is a beauty. What a lovely thick foreskin. Yummmm.

  8. Nice dude, only those knees are a bit strange builded….
    this isn’t an artificial limb, isn’t it?

  9. Little Minks! If there was any way to tell a young man thank you and you are part of Milk Boys I would. He is also part of my maxim ‘if you can feel it, your old enough.’ But note; I am loyal to my lover, two years older than me. –
    I like the looks of younger guys :-)! Saying thank you to the Minks would be great!

    1. Wow, what an age-difference: TWO YEARS! No offence, butI had a girlfriend who seems to be 13 years younger then I! She appeared to be bisexual, but hey that’s the spirit around here isn’t it?

  10. mauwmauw2-0.tumblr.com That used to be his tumblr! He’s gone!! :( :( :( he was so much fun.. :(

  11. Yeah, his tumblr just disappeared. I’m a bit shocked…. Come back Milooooooo! Hopefully its just a server error or something…

  12. Guys – go to Milo’s Facebook page – Tumblr have nuked him :-( – morons decided he was underage

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