Teenage Angst

On the shores of a deceptively peaceful mountain lake, inside a picturesque castle-cum-boarding school, four bored boys from über-wealthy families create a clique. Desiring to break free from the gilded cage in which their parents have deposited them, they sneak off campus at night to party, skinny dip and play increasingly dangerous games. The stronger-willed boys lord it over the weaker ones, until inevitably, bad things start to happen.

Thomas Stuber’s Teenage Angst has a terrific Hitchcockian sense of claustrophobia. A handful of handsome boys who attend a boarding school spookily similar to Colditz castle become dangerously obsessed by their own untouchable sense of power. Pure Rope. The cocktail of brains, wealth, and arrogance is a potent and lethal brew. A couple of sadists torment a boy who simply wants to belong, and their mind games degenerate into unspeakable violence. – Times Online


8 thoughts on “Teenage Angst”

  1. Didnt know Stuber but this ones looks interesting, enough awards already so Ill watch it.
    I know boys in groups can get carried away pretty far, the wrong way often, often too afraid of showing their real thoughts of things in public so they go along with the rest. Thanx Josh for again one of your great tips!

  2. any ideas when this comes out on dvd, or similar? finding it hard to get more info about this

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