18 thoughts on “Tender Thursday *19”

  1. Lime flavored chip is better — for both of them. :-)

    Just now noticed the “return” of the Editor ….. could you make it any larger? :-))))

  2. I followed the link where there are more photos of the boy on the right. It is good to have the editor back.

  3. The boy on the right needs to see a doctor about the colour of his tongue :P

    What a cute couple.

  4. The guy on the right is really cute. Love his lips and healthy hair. Wish I was free and uninhibited like that when I was their age.

      1. Initially, I totally missed the asian features as his eyes were closed thus stretching out the epicanthic fold of the eye lid. Also his nose looks more caucasian than asian. Possibly of mixed heritage. I find it strange how I am seldom if ever attracted to asian guys and yet I prefer asian women over other ethnic groups.

      2. Oh, I didn’t notice! You can’t really see it in this picture, or at least I can’t; I only know he’s Asian because of his DA page.

  5. I’m watching The Spiderwick Chronicles atm on Film4, it seems strange to see how Freddie has matured.

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