24 thoughts on “Tender Thursday *2”

    1. Tender Thursday indeed! Two gorgeous boys in a sincere tender embrace: a moving picture; and a beautiful picture, photography wise. Bravo!

  1. = ART.

    any link to DArt or wherever a print could be found ? there is always desktop >.<

  2. Sorry but a bit too contrived – ok, cute guys but matching underwear and all the accessories (!) just doesn’t cut it for me.

  3. Beautiful. And it does not surprise me that the artist would leave DA. This is a lovely piece.

  4. Yes it looks too perfect to be real I think, but however the artist created it, I think it’s fantastic. Lovely contrasty romantic Rembrandt lighting, and the subject(s) is (are) beatiful. Thanks Josh :)

  5. Nice photo, too dark to see the body of the upper boy and his face. It’s visible too little of both their bodies. However, sensual pic.

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