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  1. “[Above gifs] might be from this video but I’m not entirely sure”

    No, I watched it completely, and these are not from this video. Is there another video showing them in the black-&-white stripe tops?

    But the one with the “friendly hands” is also very friendly in this video as well. :D I think his name is Takahashi Fu, but I’m not sure.

  2. Marius Yo is one of my favorite boys next to Janek Lesniak and another kid on Youtube. I love how casually they touch him. It’s sweet. I could watch these for hours and be totally fascinated.

  3. Oh, thank you for the milkkore link! :D (Clicks Follow there.) And yeah, these two animated gif live-action images are cute as can be. LOL!

      1. Marius looked rather neglected in that game. I felt sorry for him. He kept wanting to be included in the discussion and overlooked. Maybe being beautiful is not the be-all-end-all.

  4. Japanese boys are so beautiful. They are also so free and natural unlike the Koreans, Chinese and other North Asians who are phoney and uptight.

  5. The person having their hair tidied looks like a slim girl to me and seems to have (small) breasts.

    Still a very cute pic! :)

    1. Lol, thats Marcus Yo, 13yo BOY. Lived most of his life in Germany with his father, before returning to Japan to live with his mother. So bilingual. Everytime I see him his hair style is different.

  6. Japan is a most interesting culture and one I know so little about but appears to be modern, foreword looking and sophisticated. The boys posted here are simply adorable. I have the impression that homophobia is not a huge issue in japan.

    1. Japan’s sophistication consists of the culture being backward-looking. Its past is rich, and inter-generational sex was a great part of that past which remains today at least as a strong undercurrent. If homophobia ever comes to Japan it will be as something imported from the psychopathic West.

      1. By “backward-looking” I assume you mean historical appreciation. I had often percieved what I believe to be a healthy (accepting) attitude toward sex. It is also my understanding that religion is not a preoccupation like it is here in America. I sincerely hope that our attitude of Christian Supremacy here in America will not be adopted in Japan as it has in Korea and other asian countries.

        I appreciate your reply

  7. I looked all over YouTube for the video that those gifs could have been taken from, but couldn’t find it. I came “close” with one:
    but not quite. This one had the closest “lineup” of them at one point with Mariusu You standing just behind Takahashi Fu, but ‘Mari’ (as they called him) wouldn’t sit next to ‘Taka’ as in the gifs. I’d love to also see videos with English subtitles — I’m curios what all those “debates” were all about. One was about food and eating (I heard ‘daikon’ [white radish] and ‘oishii’ [delicious] and they were making lots of hand to mouth motions). :D

    Did anyone else find the right video?

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