16 thoughts on “Tender Thursday *43”

  1. These lucky guys! When I was their age, some friends would “mess around” and trade favors, but part of the unspoken code we followed was to never show affection! So about all I could do was rest my head on a sleeping buddy’s shoulder while riding the bus…


  2. This is SUCH a lovely shot! Something about the candidness of the capture really made me smile—it’s as if the picture-taker was just THERE & the boys were free to be themselves. SO WONDERFUL.

  3. Charlotte Moorman became a human cello in the nude in works she did with John Cage, Opera Sextronique with Nam June Paik and nude musical works with Jim Tenney. That was back in the 60s. I would expect even more today. But alas, no.

  4. Such a nice photo, I love the feel of my bf next to me our bodies touching even if we’re fully clothed like this.

  5. Aw, you see, now these are the kind of pictures that can give you hope of finding the perfect person for you. I was worried at first to see quite a lot of pornography on this site but now I know there are good parts of being gay on here too, Yay :)

    1. One person could never satisfy all of my desires. I think far more would be much better if you seek perfection in love.
      I have never seen “pornography” on this site. Maybe a few erections here and there, but even babies are born with erections. Could birth itself be pornographic?

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