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  1. I always wonder about how this happens the first time, especially between two boys who are not “out.” While I had many adventures with some special friends when I was around their age, this moment I never was brave enough to initiate back then. It was part of the unwritten code that two guys could “mess around,” but you couldn’t kiss. I know, it seems ridiculous now, but it made perfect sense to guys who were exploring and learning about pleasure together.

    1. When I was 13 I had a friend that I would “mess around” with. We basically did everything; but as you mention we would NEVER kiss.

      Then one warm summer evening we were laying next to each other on a secluded lawn. We began to slowly “mess around”, when he rolled on top of me. It was just getting dark and he looked me right in the eye. And then we just start making out. It only lasted a few minutes before we both were too nervous to continue.

      We never repeated (the kissing); but I always look back on that few minutes as one of the most erotic experiences of my life.

  2. it took me years to kiss open mouth tongue down throat, its the first thing i want to do but i don’t like the smell of smoking its yuck . but i find kissing is an essential part of foreplay an the play during sex. Here in the Philippines if your partner does not kiss it really means they do not fancy you. philipphine boys generally love kissing and are very sensuous as they are during sex ,but NEVER kiss in public

  3. Aaaaaawwww come on! So cute Boys ;)

    But why do i never see that in public?
    Yeah, most of them are to nervous, but…
    just to see two or four of such “events” would make my day

  4. I will never forget I had a boyfriend and we had done lots of things but never kissed. Then I remember the night in my bedroom he looked at me and said Brad now I am ready to kiss. I will never forget the look on his face and his eyes were so beautiful. We kissed a lot that night.

  5. a long time ago one of these boys would have been me, in privacy or in public it didn’t matter :3

  6. [names removed by admin, please don't post any personal details in the comments], they r Brazilians and boyfriends for an year I think… So sweet! :D

  7. I Know them both, they where sooooooooooooo cute, one of them is one of my best friends <3 Gabriel & Renato

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