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  1. The thing I like the MOST about this picture, is not the sweet kiss between two handsome boys, but the complete lack of concern from the others around them.

    1. I fully agree. I find it really cute to see sweet boys at this age kiss in public without concern. Maybe someday it will be a common reality.

      1. Where I live in Britain it is a reality. I was seeing a guy once and kissed him in pub (bar) and nobody seemed that bothered. Happened a few times in other pubs and these were straight pubs. Maybe we were just lucky and there were no homophobes about.

        1. Sadly I had an ex who didn’t let me kiss him in the city centre whilst on a date with him. :( He was too scared of any potential homophobes.

          1. I can relate. My high school boyfriend was reluctantant to kiss because it was “too gay.” Yet we did almost everything else. He eventually left me because he did not want to be gay. Now in our 60’s he regrets that. and we both remain in the closet.

  2. for some strange reason I feel they are posing for the camera. something in the shot screams “setup” to me (:

  3. @Dashiell: You are so right! :3

    People need to realize that the gay community are people just like everyone else. We are equally successful, focused, political and hold many of the same values! This picture is awesome. Thanks for sharing, Josh!

  4. This pic is so awesome. No one in that picture cares that two people love each other and are showing it, and why should they?

    On the other hand, the tenderness is so sweet is makes me unbearably sad that I don’t have someone with whom I can be like that.

  5. enchamade my sentiments completely. i so need a boy to kiss and hold &make sweet music with. any takers?

    1. Oooh, pick me! Pick me!

      Although not being in the UK may pose something of a problem… :/

  6. I think these two boys were posted here not long ago while attending the same event. A really up lifting photo like the one above.

  7. Isn’t this a different angle of the same two cute boys we saw a few weeks ago? Cute then, cute now. Just curious. :)

    1. @ Rusty & Bruce Tharp – you’re 100% right!
      the picture was titled “subtle-pride”
      they were seen from behind, the boy with the coloured flowers necklace is on the left of the other boy and he has his right arm around the waist of the other boy.
      and they are DEFINITELY cute!!!

  8. making out in public like this actually would seem to stem from narcissistic-like impulse. I mean imagine the disregard for others. of course this isn’t the only possibility. but most-likely.

    1. I dunno. Str8 couples do it all the time, and everybody coos, “Oh, how sweet!” They’re motivated by love and affection, not by narcissism. True, some people might object when it’s a same-sex couple. But, disregard for homophobes is A-OK in my book. Of course, hopefully the boys will have done a realistic risk-assessment beforehand, given the possibility of violence. Which doesn’t seem particularly great in this case, given the total lack of concern on the part of the bystanders.

    2. Weren’t we all narcissistic at that age? It looks like a Pride event they were attending which may add some legitamacy to their moment.

        1. @ fingerss – its “Hear, hear”.
          It is an abbreviation for “hear, all ye good people, hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say!” {NOT derogatory}
          I already got called on the carpet for that!

    1. i hate to tell you, someone already posted the link to the other picture above. at the moment, its comment #14 – but thanks for the thought!!
      and yes, that other one is quite steamy as well!

      1. Dew, he might have posted the link before mine got moderated by Josh (and thus his would need to pass moderation too). I am pretty any posts with links need to be approved before they are allowed.

        1. aha! oh those nasty links get-ya every time!!
          actually its good Josh mods links first.
          i once clicked on a link at, of all places, youtube, and it was bye-bye C drive for me… :(

          1. Yep. And they even sometimes get the best of us. I’m a Systems Administrator as my day job and despite knowing better, have clicked a few links in my day that I should have not clicked on…lol.

            1. Aha! well now I don’t feel so bad!
              If a “should have known better” person as yourself did it, I don’t feel quite so dumb now!
              {Not at all implying you’re dumb, BTW!}

            2. That’s why I virtualized my desktop. If I’m on the interwebs and accidentally stumble across a bad link or malicious code hidden in a website, I kill my v-machine and start a new instance of my base configuration. Boots like lightning and I’m thumbing my nose at all those nasty virus-writers out there.

            3. ok, you TOTALLY lost me at “virtualized my desktop”…
              if you wouldn’t mind a lesson in what you do to be safe, i [an others i'm sure] would be appreciated!

            4. It’s like an operating system which runs inside your current operating system. If there are any problems within the virtual system then it will never matter as you can just close it down and run it again.

              I could be wrong but http://www.virtualbox.org/ is one of those. Can run through another operating system or the same one but in all cases it will be slower than the original.

            5. Virtualiztion is becoming easier to do. It’s changing the way datacenters work by allowing large, host servers to run many virtual servers, reducing hardware costs in the long run, and making backup and upgrades much easier. One of the main selling points of virtualization is that the redundancy in the system allow you to switch hardware on the fly in a failure situation, transparent to the end user. Great stuff if your running Tier-1 software that cannot tolerate downtime, (i.e. 911 phone systems or medical applications).

              To virtualize your desktop at home, you need a fairly beefy box, (I know, eew), so this is not something for notebooks or most laptops.

              There are some virtualization tools already available in Windows7, as well as other hypervisors that run on Linux/Unix platforms. It can seem pretty daunting, but once you get it going, it’s damned cool and has saved me a lot of headaches. A good place to start learning about desktop virtualization is http://www.techsoup.org/learningcenter/software/page4826.cfm

            6. Would you guys mind taking this discussion to the board? It’s getting *slightly* off-topic ;)

            7. Oops, Sorry. ^ Promises to be better.

              (Ahem…) Oh Lordy, aren’t those boys cute?

            8. gee, Josh, I’d LOVE to go to the board but I can’t because I can’t log in because I’ve lost my password and I can’t get it emailed to me because that email is no longer good.
              but you already know all this since I have discussed this with you a NUMBER of times, but you never get me a new password [or whatever] so I can log in…

  9. I was trying to tell people 40 yrs ago that it should be OK for guys to kiss –
    didn’t meet any real gays until much later, and then it was thru a GF

  10. Love this picture! Too bad this isn’t happening everywhere. I’m 17 and have never been in a relationship with a boy before. I want to be in one before I grow old. Hopefully, the world would become more accepting for more people to come out. :(

    1. @David. You are young only once and for such a short time. Don’t waste your youth. Just do it.

    2. Totally agree; find a gay youth group or some resource through a local PFLAG chapter and find your prince. Lots of sweet boys over in the discussion board here as well.<3

    3. One of the things I most regret about my youth is I did not come out of the closet. However difficult my life would have been then, things would have been so much easier for me now if I had just done it when I was a teenager when I really wanted to.

      1. *knocks on your closet door* Anybody in there need a hug?

        I jest, but honestly, I probably know more “in” guys than “out”. It seems the longer you’re in it, the harder it is to emerge. Finding some friends who “know” but are discrete, is very helpful. I hope you have such friends, if not, seek some out, it’s worth it for the support alone.

        1. “The longer you’re in it, the harder it is to emerge.” This is so true David. During most of my adult life I worked very hard to be straight and even believed that I accomplished it. As it turned out I lived my life as a lie and missed out on so many opportunities as I was hit on a lot. After two failed marriages I finally came to terms with myself during my 50’s. Don’t do that to yourself. At your age you should be having fun.

          1. @ Bruce Tharp – “…I finally came to terms with myself during my 50′s”
            but you’re still in the closet…

  11. приятная сцена, жалко, что она исскуственная (фотошоп)

      1. If the girls will kiss you there will be some guys who will want to do the same but would you notice them/

  12. This is so sweet, and so reaffirming to me. When I see something like this, I feel like I have a place in the world.
    Unfortunately, I happen to live in a country that doesn’t tolerate gay PDA. Or maybe it would, but people are too afraid to try it…
    About the narcissistic aspect. I once talked about that with a straight friend. He was on the opinion that people shouldn’t kiss in public, be it a gay or straight kiss. I agreed.
    After he got a girlfriend, his opinion suddenly changed on the matter… After I got a boyfriend, mine changed too. Only difference is, he can do it, I can’t.
    Anyway, my point is, kissing someone you love is a natural impulse and I think the only reason some people frown upon it is that they have no one to kiss…

    1. I agree with your words,especially the last sentence.
      Their kiss is beautiful,and natural.
      Thus keeping on kissing and loving.

  13. Some days when I feel down, I come in here and look at the photos, these two cheer me up especially well.

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