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  1. Great title. Cute images. I’ve always loved [the idea of] boys’ tree houses. So much can happen and be explored in them. :-))))

    And, oh yes, let’s not forget the mandatory sign at the bottom/entrance:

    1. Boys and tree houses… wow!

      Brings back some happy memories of sleep outs and cold nights where you crawled into each others sleeping bags to, ahem, keep warm. Me and a boy named Todd would pair up often and although we were only around 12 or 13 and too embarrassed to kiss, we DID do a lot of rubbing and grinding… such fun! And, yes…


    1. There is nothing more sexy than two cute boys kissing!! This pic is sooooo cuuuuuuute and super adorable!

  2. Cute. I unfortunately never got that when I was a teenager, and my first kiss was not that special. I have had a few special ones though, and I count myself as lucky. :)

  3. Allow girls, being gay doesn’t mean being misogynous, you know… Besides, there might be bi kids. But the ambiguity of what can be done in a tree house is such that this image reflects it perfectly. Really cute drawing.

      1. I didn’t have a tree house but did have a wooden shed as a den at the back of my garden far away from the house. Yes this picture reminds me of when and where I discovered sex. Happy Memories……..and there were even girls too…..lol

    1. NO WAY. They can make their own [pink] tree-house ……….. and by court injunction, at least 50 trees distance between them. They don’t need to hear the fapping sounds late at night. And we don’t want to hear their incessant giggling. :)

      1. That’s still being misogynous. If you can’t get on with girls, then learn how to. But just because of the sexual sleepovers you can’t be that hostile to ladies. In the past tree houses were that kind of anti-opposite gender stuff. Now it doesn’t happen. Let it be.

        1. thank you, when I was a kid, the boys let me in their treehouse, I think because my two brothers seemed to assume I could use it too. I do remember they had an all boy sleepover, and I, the girl, in her bedroom, listened jealously to their boy giggles and laughter through out the night

        2. No it isn’t. You can’t see the obvious humor/sarcasm in what I said//how I said it??? Get a life!

          Just like jennis9 said, “sometimes guys gotta have places that belong just to them” — and this can/should be one of them. “There are plenty of other places and times to go socialize with the other sex.”

          1. If that’s the only reactive reply you can get to type, then don’t bother, because you’re looking like a total jackass.
            You should get a life; and make sure it contains judgement out of the factory.
            As much as I do respect privacy within a gender, that doesn’t imply you have to hate on what the other gender does.

          2. Dw, not all people here are idiots, I get what you’re trying to say.

            And now to clarify: PenboyX2 is playing on the childhood stereotype that all young boys dislike young girls and relating it to the content of this site. While a bit distasteful (that being the “fapping” bit), to imply any kind of sexism is the most hilarious, libelous comment ever.

  4. Too damn cute :)

    And yeah, sometimes guys gotta have places that belong just to them. There are plenty of other places and times to go socialize with the other sex ;)

  5. when i was a teen, my friend had a tree house.
    sex was frequent, and intense in that tree house…
    and participants were from 2 up to 6 boys….
    …i was always the bottom… :)

  6. Well, one of the main excuses we made to each other for what we did in that tree house was, there were no girls around…That made it ok. Our tree house was a sacred place for two budds to explore and share pleasures with our hands and mouths. Of course, part of the ritual was the promise made to each other, never to tell. Oh, if those creaking tree house walls could talk…

  7. Ive been working on a device for over a year similar to a stethoscope but more sophisticated, with good results. When pressed to a wall in any room , you will be able to hear conversations of anyone who was in that room….really cool. One exception…it only works in TREE HOUSES.

  8. The brilliant idea… but sorry guys, not a brilliant work. I’d do it better.
    But who am I to complain? It is not my idea :) / :(

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