18 thoughts on “That Time of the Year”

  1. This guy is amazing. I’ve seen his earlier videos and I love it. I wish I were that taleneted. It’s got everything. Beautiful and interesting pictures and the ambience.

  2. Thanks for the video, Olly. PERFECT choice of songs and the
    video – while not an actual cup of hot chocolate it definitely made
    me feel warm and cozy!

  3. Wow….. verrrry nice. Both are well done – the video & that extremely, sweet looking hot chocolate.

  4. Ok, cocoa, sugar, salt, honey (unusual), cooking chocolate, vanilla, water, milk, marshmellows and was that oreo cookies with them? Cream topping with chocolate sprinkles or grated chocolate and cinnamon, yummy. Nice boy too, he can be my house boy if he wants lol. Hmm, did he clean up his mess afterwards, the bench was a little messy where he put his cup.

  5. Oh my goodness, that almost gave me a hyperglycemic coma. I couln’t drink something like that :I

  6. mmmmm— that looks soooo good. Its a cold, blistery day and that would be sooo good right now. ANd I do agree, Olly is a very talented young man. I hope he does something with all of that talent. Happy Holiday to all.

  7. Yummmmmmmmmmy!. And since this is that time of the year I wish all of you the very best for the season, specially to the editors for a fantastic Blog which has given me so much entertainment this year and hope it continues in the future. Latrpo

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