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    1. I agree. Pranks like this just teach me the human race wants to let out its stupidity in a harmful way.
      I do accept fireworks being ignited from someone’s anus (Jackass), but this?

    1. There is a difference between doing naughty boy things (that itself sounds quite naughty doesn’t it :D) and going out of your way to ruin the day of a bunch of strangers. That is just assholery…I’m with Gotham.

  1. I don’t understand why this is posted on MB. The act of abusing any animal should be forbidden.

    1. Because josh thought the boy doing this bwbb prank is cute?

      And just maybe, after a few years, [one or more of] these boys might get interested in science enough to help some wild animals in the near future?

  2. Actually these boys have studied about the high incidence of skin cancer due to exposure to the sun and are trying to do a good deed by getting the people off the beach.

  3. I’m with NATX – very high chance the digestive system of those gulls will have been hugely damaged by this prank. This takes stupidity to a new level. Not MB material IMHO

  4. It’s kinda funny but don’t worry it’s fake. Laxatives wouldn’t affect birds anyway, they don’t “poo” like mammals do, their “shit” is in fact mostly solidified urea/uric acid which is why they don’t need to drink water like us mammals do (they get their water from their food)
    No harm done

    1. Are you so sure of that ? I agree birds digestive system is quite different from ours, but that doesn’t mean no laxatives can’t affect them.

  5. Hmmmm. Maybe this adventure in biology will lead these enterprising kids to do the bugs-in-the-amber-DNA-dinosaur-thing. Jurassic Park here I come. I’d love to eat a triceratops.

  6. What grotesque moral uproars above, I feel embarrassed for those who are dominated by the socially correct wind that sweeps so insanely on us in this stupid era – when they are themselves the target of social rebuke!

    I find this hilarious, and shows initiative! Better than taking drugs anyway.

    1. We have our share of moral hysterics here ivan. I agree with what you have said and am glad you have called attention to this hypocrisy.

      1. Moralism, the new opium of the people!
        It’s sadly the entire western society playing at moral hysterics, where EVERYTHING has to to be morally acceptable based on crass menopaused values.
        It’s only that it looks much more stupid here.

        We need more of those kids in the video! But they need to better target their birds, you know… capitol hill, banks, stock market, religious hatefulls etc.

        1. This isn’t about morals. I suppose I simply don’t find any pleasure in intentionally ruining the day of other people. Those people (even a baby…) were enjoying a pleasant day at the beach, and now some selfish punks have ruined that.

          But please, if you think it’s great fun to ruin other people’s enjoyments, I suppose you wouldn’t mind if I simply ran up and spat in your sunday picnic would you?

        2. Ivan, you are absolutely correct. In a couple of sentences you have said what others are incapable of in a book! I wish you lived in my neighborhood. Wow! What a relief from so much of the drivel I read on this forum.

  7. It has really been a long time since I laughed so hard. Leave to young boys to be mischieviously creative. I don’t mean to offend the sensitivities of anyone here but for me, that was beyond funny. That made my day.

    When I was young my friends and I would fill a paper sack full of fresh, steaming feces. We would then place the sack on someone’s door step light the sack on fire and then ring the door bell to watch them stomp out the fire.

    1. The only thing wrong in that video is the incredibly fast response time of the Police — NEVER like that in real life.

      1. You can find most anything on youtube. I’d like to think it was my generation that invented that little trick.

        1. That video is from the very recent movie, Disturbia (2007). So, maybe your generation did invent that annoyance. :-)

  8. This is so mean-spirited to both human(s) and animal(s). The guys should be standing before a judge. They should be ordered to work for the Humane Society as punishment, and, wash all the clothes of those victimized by their stupidity! I’m a kid too, but I think this was evil—not funny in the slightest. How would you like to have the trots?

    1. yeah Mr Righteous, and you’d applaud them if they were young gays, sending their flock of birds upon a group of evangelical gay-haters.
      The hypocrisy in these comments is staggering.

      1. Now that would be a hell of a laugh and some real Sunday preaching for us all! I applaud you, sir.

    2. You’re alright Liam. But I think I identify more with being trotted upon. It has been said that all humor has its roots in disgust and this video was wonderfully disgusting.

  9. Im not saying anyone should encourage this but moral fiends just tick me off. Animal abuse? Humane society? Judge my ass. Why don’t you go shoot all the lions, wolves, etc cuz they brutally murder other animals for a living? And what’s a little bird poop? while its not pleasant is it really so bad that you have to call kids evil and want them arrested? If you have that extra energy, there are far greater evils out there that you can condemn all you want. why not just leave naughty kids alone. Nature has to run its course they’ll grow out of it in time

    1. Sometimes nature needs a little help and a good colon cleanse can’t hurt anyone. Kind of messy though. Can you just imagine with every wing flap it’s bombs away.

    2. Was I the only boy raised with a sense of right and wrong? This is about being accountable. It’s about standing up for your moral principles. Nathan Hale would turn from you, and your juvenile comments would disgust him.

      Do you believe it’s okay because it’s just a little innocent fun? Animals were abused. Property damage was incurred. And worse…the world may believe, from this video, that all American kids are “selfish, puerile hooligans,” to quote my father.

      I find your comments disappointing. Yes, they’re more troubling things to write about in this world; and yes, I write on them too. Stop deflecting the issue. We are talking about this video alone.

      You may be right about calling these kids evil being wrong; these kids do acts that make them appear as sick fucks! Bloody hell! Anyone who would take joy at the misery of others, are troubled, whether they be animal or human. The fact that you can’t see that make me, and many other readers on this blog wonder about the state of your character. But it’s okay you are a troll [imaTroll]. You admit by your own username that your character is lacking.

      I stand by my words saying that they should be arrested. If I broke your house window, you would want me held accountable and replace the window, wouldn’t you? Just because the innocent victims remain nameless victims does not make the hurtful behavior of these guys acceptable. Can you not see that? Can’t you?

      Yes, making birds sick and shit on people will not change the world very much. But it starts there. And then it’ll become Columbine later. Will you then say that was innocent fun? Perhaps you will say, I remember them with those birds back in 2012 on YouTube. Go on. Laugh. Laugh until they tell you someone you love is killed by a sociopath. That is the big picture.

      1. Funny i thought the only people who likes to boast about “im raised with a sense of right and wrong” are the fundamental Christians.

        If you broke my house window i would not want you arrested.

        In 99% of cases playing with bird shit does not predispose you to mass shooting. I read somewhere the Aurora shooting suspect didn’t have any criminal history.

        1. Liam really is sencere and he does have a point of concern. It is a good bet that James Holman has some psychiatric concerns and may not be criminally inclined or sophisticated. Whereas a real psychopath may be well oriented in all three spheres but is morally off the hook. He would be capable of inflicting pain on an animal or human for the pure sadistic pleasure. The intentional torture of animals would be a symptom of a morbid personality disorder that has been formed very early in life and even considered to be genetic. However, this video is simply a naughty prank. The kids are neither crazy nor disturbed. So Liam, try to relax.

  10. Your right imatroll,just leave the kids alone,and maybe they’ll grow up to be scientist. Thanks Ron,for showing that laxatives do affect birds. I agree with most of the sensible folks who think that these kids have done a good job of f**king up a nice day at the beach for a lot of folks. Who knows,some of those folks may have been gay,at least they where until the birds started shitting. These is not the same think as putting a bag of sh*t on someone’s front step. These action taken by these boys may just become bigger so called pranks that may just hit someone,or some animals. We have had a lot of dogs that have been put on fire in this Philadelphia area in the last 4 months and I’am sure that these people who are doing this thing it is funny. I don’t. These pranks that a few of you thought was funny,could just be warning flags that go up on a trouble teen. Maybe they said that the kid who shot up the movie theater,would grow out of it. Let nature run it’s course.

  11. @Penboy: i saw that movie Disturbia,and I like it a lot. Those cops in the video could be board walk cops,and I have seen then get on the scene in Widwood N.J real fast.

  12. Now it’d be hilarious if the kids mixed in crushed anti acid tablets instead of the laxatives. I guess that makes me the devil, right?

  13. I think I love these kids. It’s about time someone did this. And to all the moralists; get over yourselves, seriously, it’s a bit pathetic.

  14. I have to admit I laughed at first but it is animal abuse and that is something I hate. I don’t know what side effects laxatives exactly do have on birds but usually laxatives for humans are much too strong for animals and cause heavy problems and death at worst. Has nothing to do with being a moralist or social correct – harming or killing is where the fun ends.

  15. @tim: It has everthing to do with the moralist thing. You say it’s a bit pathetic,when in reality your the one who is pathetic,and not by a bit. These kids not only made this beach their trash can,they screwed of some Seagulls for their own personal kicks. You don’t have to be a moralist or even socially correct,you just have to be a person who doesen’t want to hurt animals of any kind,or hit their fellow humankind. I thought that was what ever Gay person wanted. To treat others as they would want to be treated. I’am sure that having Seagulls sh*tting on a bunch of Gay folks at the beach,would be looked at more then just a playful act by some kids who well,some day grow out of it,maybe.

    1. I agree with Michael.

      What would you guys be saying if a bunch of redneck bully kids at a high school figured out a way to dump bird shit on the kids at a meeting of the school LGBT support group? Would you dismiss that as just “fun and games” which they will grow out of?

      Bullies will usually dismiss their actions as “just fun and games,” but it’s no longer fun when it just causes misery for the target of the prank.

      Sure a little bird shit isn’t going to cause any real physical injury, but I worry about anyone who get pleasure from screwing up another person’s day.

    2. “[I’am] sure that having Seagulls sh*tting on a bunch of Gay folks at the beach,would be looked at more [then] just a playful act by some kids who [well,some] day grow out of it,maybe.”

      Actually, I prefer ivan’s idea: “But they need to better target their birds, you know… capitol hill, banks, stock market, religious hatefulls etc.” Even better: “sending their [god's?] flock of birds upon a group of evangelical gay-haters” (you know, god’s personal message directly to them).

      The boys did nothing but offer the birds “food.” They didn’t “force” any bird to eat the “garbage.” They could not control when, where the birds would defecate. It wasn’t pleasant, but I do give them marks for “understanding” the timing of the results. As I said earlier, maybe they will grow up to appreciate science and specifically, animals more?

      Being defecated on by birds can happen anytime, anywhere, and no one makes a big deal about it and usually laugh it off.

  16. I really got a good laugh at this, well done! Gulls poop all over the place without giving them any laxatives. Back in the ’60’s when I was a boy, we used to feed them pieces of bread while visiting the beach, and they would just immediately poop after they took off. My old dad (rest his soul) would just laugh, and comment that seagulls had no digestive systems; just straight chutes xD

    Of course nowadays we know it’s usually wrong to feed wildlife as it almost always has negative effects, mostly for the animal being fed. Lately in the national parks close to where I live there are dumb tourists and people feeding the bears and even wolves causing them to not fear humans anymore. Unfortunately these animals are being put down as they can’t successfully relocate them.

  17. Gulls are affected by medications intended for humans, including laxitives. This is simple animal abuse for self amusement.

    Also, given the bacteria and parisite load the gulls are carrying, the infants and children who got bombed are very much in harms way.

    This wasn’t just a silly prank.

    1. “Also, given the bacteria and parisite load the gulls are carrying, the infants and children who got bombed are very much in harms way.”

      Flying Chemical Warfare!

      Get your gas masks! Given the small amount of “feces” by a bird, it’s highly unlikely unless it lands directly inside one’s nostrils and/or inside one’s mouth. But again, highly unlikely because of sneezing and coughing, spitting out and vomiting at the very least.

  18. @Penboy: Maybe you need glasses,because in two places over top of this video it said, [SEAGULLS ON LAXATIVES],and you can see the blue laxatives on the table where these nice little boys.who wouldn’t hurt a soul, are preparing a nice little lunch for the poor hungry birds. They had no problem with this prank,because seagulls are always hungry. I don’t know why you wish too make this look as if nothing was wrong. I know that they say that if you get hit with bird sh*t your going to have good luck,but I don’t think this counts.

    1. “Maybe you need glasses,because in two places over top of this video it said, [SEAGULLS ON LAXATIVES],and you can see the blue laxatives on the table”

      My eyesight’s fine, thank you. And you didn’t see: 1) all the chips these boys were putting into these cups; and 2) I put “food” in: “” just as I did now? Where you live, chips aren’t considered food? And whatever a bird like these seagulls consume wouldn’t be considered any “food” (at least to them, for a start)? Also, I would think you’re the last person on the Internet to call me out on something like this.

      Again, just who “forced” these birds to eat this stuff? Of course they probably would, but even they would “spit” it back out if it were obviously poisonous to them.

  19. To all of you people crying ANIMAL ABUSE — i hope you’ve been vegan all your life and if youre not you better become one today or else you’ll just be one big fat hypocrite.

    More laws. More prosecution. More hysteria over little incidents that hurt no one. Yeah that’s exactly what we want

    1. Of course, we need more laws and more prisons. Just look how successful all the drug laws have been and America’s “War on Drugs” which has cost over a trillion dollars since Nixon started it. The drug barons and underworld love these laws since it enhances their profits. More laws. Support your local Mafia.

  20. “Given the small amount of “feces” by a bird, it’s highly unlikely unless it lands directly inside one’s nostrils and/or inside one’s mouth. But again, highly unlikely because of sneezing and coughing, spitting out and vomiting at the very least.”

    What a load of rubbish. Disease spreads extremely easily; all it can take is a handshake, a sneeze, a cough. Why else would people get so worked up over swine flu etc? if you think that people being shat on won’t spread disease then you need to retake your science lessons. Especially for a baby with a very weak immune system, with a lot of bad luck it could even be fatal.

    “More hysteria over little incidents that hurt no one.”

    Yeah, people being shat on doesn’t effect anyone at all … apart from the people being shat on of course.

  21. ivan:

    yeah Mr Righteous, and you’d applaud them if they were young gays, sending their flock of birds upon a group of evangelical gay-haters.
    The hypocrisy in these comments is staggering.

    The Hyprocrisy in these comments is staggering?

    Allow me to address this: First to determine whether my comments are hypocrisy, you would have to know something about me and my character, which you do not.

    Now, I am a gay sixth former who has been shat on by sea gulls before and its not fun. There is nothing cool about it.

    If those boys had a legitimate beef that they had documented, revenge might have been enjoyable, but not at the animal’s expense or anyone’s injury. The fact is; these nobs were only getting their kicks of others misery. What kind of sick fuck is that?

    Anyone who would find this funny has no heart or soul. It includes one-third of the sociopathic triad, my Dad said. Go one, laugh now. And remember their faces just in case they come back years later when they do a Anders Breivik.
    He hurt animals as a child too.

    Think about the plight of the animals who did noting to deserve a case of serious trots. What if someone poisoned your children and family? Is it funny just because some readers find animals beneath them? If it was your family, would you then understand this principle? Dehydration is a concern, to speak nothing of what is morally right. Every bloke likes to have fun once and a while. But only if that fun isn’t at the expense of another’s pain and suffering and discomfort.

    For me, not speaking up about this stupid act would be hyprocisy! But then again, I have intimate knowledge of that which I speak—you do not.

  22. @imaTroll: I’am not fat,nor a vegan,and have no reason to become one. What those nice little boys did is animal abuse,and abuse to the people around that area. They sure as hell didn’t do this because they where thinking about the seagulls digestive system. Their thoughts where to make havoc on the folks around them. This was their fun for the day. Now because I eat meat doesn’t mean that I like to abuse animals. A person can be friends with gay person,but he doesn’t have to suck cock to be his friend. See what hypocrite means before you throw the word around.

    1. That you eat meat actually DOES mean you abuse animals. And way more often and in way more horrible ways than these boys.

      Did you ever bother to look at some videos showing how the animals you eat suffer their whole life from birth to slaughter?

      No, you didn’t. Because if you would have you sure as fuck wouldn’t eat animal corpses anymore.

  23. Penboy:
    Enteric Bacteria – Salmonella species and Escherichia coli resulting in severe gastro-enteritis, septicaemia, and potential kindney damage.
    Psittacosis – caused by Chlamydophila psittaci resulting in influenza-like symptoms, or potentially fatal pneumonia in patients with pre-existing chest problems.
    Fungal infections – including Cryptococcosis and Histoplasmosis.
    And that’s without looking very hard.
    Infants and children have undeveloped immune systems: for example, the infant at the 40 second mark, you know, the one with shit dripping down from it’s hair, could pay dearly for this prank.

    1. You brought up some well thought out points, but you seem to “slide over” a few things:

      In the cases of wild birds at the beaches because so many people go there for recreation and food, the appropriate government agencies would have cautioned the people about the area(s) and the wildlife in said area(s) if there were any health problems. And they check them regularly.

      Enteric Bacteria: In addition to being found in the guts of humans, enteric bacteria also live in animals, including the animals which humans raise for meat and products such as eggs and milk. Cross-contamination of animal products can occur, allowing these bacteria to enter the food supply.

      …… Now, how many markets and/or restaurants sell/serve, say, Roasted Gull (or gulls for various cooking methods)?

      Psittacosis is an infectious disease usually transmitted to humans from birds in the parrot family, turkeys and pigeons. Because this disease is spread by birds in the parrot family, it is occasionally found in pet store workers and people who have purchased an infected bird. It may also be found in farmers and slaughterhouse workers who process turkeys. [But not sea birds in general.]

      Fungal infections are caused by fungi, tiny microbes * found in soil, air, and water, as well as on plants, animals, and people. There are at least 100,000 species of fungi. The most familiar types are the mushrooms that some people like to eat on pizza, the fuzzy white or blue-green mold that grows on forgotten foods in the back of the refrigerator, and the mildew on the shower curtain. Fungi grow best in warm, moist areas, like a steamy bathroom or the spaces between the toes. [Again, not likely from sea birds in general.]

      Again, if that area had any infestations of anything like above, the general public would have already known about it and signs would be posted. And in which case, I seriously doubt some middle-school boys out for a bit of mischief would have done that and certainly not caught it on video to posted on YouTube (where they could be found and probably arrested).

      I’m for the preservation of animals just as much as anyone. But I seriously doubt that a 15-minute prank is that much cause for alarm. I agree, it wasn’t pleasant and was very annoying to those involved as targets. But I highly doubt this was any life and death situation, otherwise we would have heard and seen this on our local or national news at the time they did this.

      Again, those boys didn’t force any gulls to eat that “garbage.” Yes, it’s obvious they would have anyway as they are common around garbage areas. I see them hovering over a restaurant’s garbage that I go to for burgers and it’s at least 25 miles from any ocean beach (and who knows what’s in those dumpsters). I remember seeing sea gulls flying over my town just west of Denver because they were from the Salt Lake in Utah. Sea Gulls, as well as thousands of other wild animals must deal with (at the very least) what we would call “non-sanitary” conditions for their daily intake have digestive systems that for the most part, take care of such conditions so they can (and do) survive (even your precious cats and dogs pets). Birds regularly ingest small rocks/stones to aid them in their digestion (and help what they consume more easily go through their system and “out the back.” That’s the nature of wild animals. When was the last time you’ve seen a wild animal sit at a table and use tableware (that wasn’t a cartoon or in a Disney movie)?

      Remember “Lady & The Tramp” eating that single spaghetti? That wasn’t very sanitary, either. :-)

      1. Sorry — a correction of a few mistakes:
        “Sea Gulls, as well as thousands of other wild animals must deal with (at the very least) what we would call “non-sanitary” conditions for their daily intake and have digestive systems that for the most part, take care of such conditions so they can (and do) survive (even your precious cats and dogs for pets).”

      2. Now, excuse me while I make some buttermilk & chocolate pancakes so I can feed the Plovers, Sandpipers and Terns in my area. Or will that give them a butter and chocolate high? :-)

        Just kidding! (About the birds only)

  24. To all who think this is no animal abuse:

    Just imagine someone gives your cat/dog/pet laxatives or other meds/drugs to see what happens. So i guess you will be standing there with that someone and laugh about how your pet suffers, right? You will have your fun when your pet is moaning in pain and keeling over dead.

    Just because seagulls or other birds/animals who are not so cute and friendly don’t make such a sad noise when they feel pain does not mean they don’t feel pain. They will die a miserable death because of drugs/meds or whatever as well – not suddenly, the consequential damages make it even slower and more suffering. But the important thing is that some humans had their fun for 5 minutes. You talk so often about others being ignorant but don’t notice you are no better – just different topics.

    1. I heard of a neighbor feeding laxitives mixed with hamberger to a barking dog next door. The dog stopped barking and you can imagine why.

  25. How many really believe or percieve these boys focused on the sadistic pleasure of watching an animal in pain? They naively assumed the birds as an accomplice in their mischief. A frank sociopath would experience pleasure at inflicting pain while maiming his victim.

    Talk about mischievious fun, who put us up to argue and philosophize about SHIT? Are we as dumb and gullible as the gulls?

    1. Excrement may be the only thing worth meditating on. Jonathan Swift comes to mind. There is nothing to argue about. Luther wrote his thesis while taking a shit, and it is quite obvious how much it influenced his thought process by a quick glance at what he spawned.

  26. i do hope they didn’t get those birds killed. but if they just put one pill in each cup of food the dose of laxative each bird was getting is unlikely to be lethal or dangerous.

    once again im not arguing what they did was right but i was just pissed off by certain people whom i think are too self-righteous and too ready to condemn others.

    To think about it, most of the intolerance, hatred, injustice and wars in this world have roots in our eagerness to stand up to the (self defined) “moral” and condemn those who do not. Why the Sunnis and Shiites must fight? cuz both sides honestly think they are in the right and the other side are the scums. that’s all.

    I remember there was a story posted here a while back of a teenager riding a bike naked on a hot summer day, who got reported by the paranoid parents of a little girl who happened to run into him, and he ended up in the sex offenders registry. Those parents probably honestly think they did the right thing too, by ridding the community of an immoral fuckass. Right?

    Im so sick of some people — will the bashing never end? we are not chimps. some tolerance, folks? and don’t give me any more BS about kids who fucked up birds when they were little must grow up to be mass murders etc. alright?

    1. The thing is that animal abuse is not about moral. Killing or harming someone – human or animal – is just plain wrong. There is no ideology behind it because its a fundamental value of life. Our habit to think that we have the right to abuse or exploit animals for no reason or think that there is nothing wrong about it is actually an artificially created behavior if you know what I mean.

      I don’t like people bashing around as well. It is better to share knowledge in a reasonable way – so everyone can make their own thoughts. But to be able to reconsider opinions you need knowledge first. Sometimes it just needs harsher words to get attention. Unfortunately some people are very fanatically which often just leads into rejection and countermovements.

      So in this case it is just needed to point out the background of animal abuse and consequences in hope to make people rethink possible similar cases or imitations in the future.

      Of course the boys had no purpose of being sadistic, but they and most viewers of that video haven’t thought about the animals. And that’s something sad – I don’t like this indifference and the completely lack of empathy. That’s why I and others want to remind of taking a different view.

  27. @imaToll and dear Penboy: These fun loving lads didn’t put pills in he food,because they had bottles of liquid laxative on the table that they mixed the CHIPS in the cup with. Chips is food,althought,it is fattening,Mr Penboy. Who ever told you that you have to ingest bird shit to get sick,is not up on there health courses. You can get sick just from shaking hands with a one who has not wash their hands. We have some neighbors who feed the birds,and that also means pigeons,and the pigeons set on the edge of the roof,and shit down the sid of the house. Besides making the house dirty,it is full of germs. David Anthony said it best, you have to hate someone who finds entertainment in ruining other peoples days.

  28. Gotham:

    I don’t understand people who get pleasure from making the lives of others miserable.

    I am so sad about seeing this video on this blog.
    There should be a way to ignore the stupid “supporters” here permanently.

  29. Josh, please start a blog where those who care to can watch stupid kids doing stupid things and then make dozens of stupid comments about it and let the rest of us look at cute boys doing fun things. thanks

  30. i remember several of my pet hamsters died from simple diarrhea. the first thing i thought when i saw this vid was “those birds are going to be dead by the weekend”
    i guess that makes me a wet blanket

  31. @Penboy and Bruce Tharp: I don’t know what your Buttermilk and Chocolate pancakes would do to the birds in your area,it does sound good,but I do know that chocolate can cause a dog to have seizures. From your statements in comment #68 & 69 most people who have cats or dogs would think they are RRECIOUS. I know I did. Do you have any cats or dogs? I had a Highbreed wolfdog for 15 1/2 years. I had to put him down in January. I still miss him.

    1. “… but I do know that chocolate can cause a dog to have seizures.”

      Then all of these products/sites are going to have a big problem: http://www.google.com/#hl=en&gs_nf=1&cp=23&gs_id=jg&xhr=t&q=chocolate+treats+for+dogs&pf=p&sclient=psy-ab&oq=chocolate+treats+for+do&gs_l=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=6469df5417c526af&biw=1440&bih=771

      If that is a common problem with dogs, I seriously doubt that there would be so many [any?] products for just that.

      One commercial even showed a dog eating some peanut butter ……. he was “licking and chewing” for a bit, but he didn’t have any seizures or die.

      And I acknowledged that their [your] dog & cat pets are indeed precious [RRECIOUS???], so what was your point?

    2. First of all, I am sorry to hear about your dog. I personally would not feed laxitives to birds if I honestly knew it would be injurous or cause pain.

      I thought the naughty prank was in keeping with boyhood foolishness. Something only a boy would even think of. I was a boy once (centuries ago) and like most boys I did some foolish pranks. So it was easy for me to fall into the humor. Guess I’m still a kid at heart.

  32. @@@ Penboy: I guess you have a small nose,because your eye sight doesn’t go past you nose. I looked up those sights that you gave me,and if you took the time to read them this is not real chocolate. Real chocolate is made with Cacao seeds,which contains the chemical called METHYLXANTHINES. This can cause a number of complications and in some cases,even death. Look up the 10 Toxic Foods To Avoid Giving to Your Pets. So these product/sites well have no problem,beause this is not real chocolate. By the way peanut butter is not chocolate,at least not,in this part of this country. Thanks for the site info,because I found other things that should not be given to your pets.

  33. That was some funny shit!!! We wont miss a few less seagulls. Anyways, seagulls are just rats with wings, and we kill lots of rats.

    Interesting though, didnt realize that the gay community were such PETA lovers. or is it just the femanime ones. God knows this gay doesn’t mind killing some wild life. Though cant say i would cook a seagull.

  34. Why so serious?

    Come on people, it’s just a bit of mindless, teenage fun. Certainly something I would say I’d love to have done at some point!

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