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  1. Sorry, what was the song about ? I think I got hypnotized by those two blue eyes… And I’m definitely sure to have already met that cute face some time ago, on milkboys maybe ?

    1. I forgot where I remembered him from too until I looked him up. He was young wolverine in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

  2. I don’t think he’s that good of a singer, but I enjoyed the lyrics and the music and the style of the video. Also, he seems to remind me a lot of Joseph Mazzello and Logan Lerman [a mixture -- weird, huh?] in his facial and body movements. :D

    Overall, it is a very cute video. Thanks.

  3. This was incredibly cute. A little goofy as teen boys can often be but that’s part of their charm. This was well done and I will be smiling the rest of the day.

  4. I of course am on record as saying Troye is both talented and deliciously hot. Just wish he’d be shirtless more often…

    Maybe a briefs only pic? What’d ya say Troye?

  5. As Troye has lived most of his life in Australia, shouldn’t that be in the tag. His dad is SA, his mum is a kiwi, born in SA, grew up in Perth Aust, he is an international kid. Oh and he is a jew as well lol. A really nice young guy. Yes he was in Spud and was young wolverine in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

    1. I usually put the country of birth as the tag because otherwise it would get too messy with people who lived in different countries (which lots of people did).

  6. The song was a little too self-aware and kinda cutesy but he is cute. His voice in the chorus kinda reminded me of Sufjan Stevens for some reason.

  7. Troye is multi-talented and has a great singing voice. Several songs by him are available on iTunes. He is also now on tumblr: http://troyesivan.tumblr.com/
    Lately he has been making humorous videos on a variety of subjects. As folks have said he was in X Men Wolverine as the young wolverine, In Spud as the title character and filmed Spud 2 earlier this year.

  8. Aside from being a pathetic “uselful idiot” of the progressive Left, he’s hot as hell. I bet he’s already a terrific lover. Yummm.

    1. “Useful idiot” is quite an assumption to make. Is it just because his politics doesn’t align with yours? Either way, it’s better than being a useless idiot.

    2. Progressive left? The only political statement he makes is that he doesn’t like Mitt Romney, which alone does not make him a leftest. I will agree with you however that he’s hot as hell and also, yummm.

    3. “Aside from being a pathetic “[uselful] idiot” of the progressive Left,”

      Hmmmm, sour grapes just because you didn’t get “Mittens” for this election’s winter? Don’t let your tears freeze on your cheeks.

      Oh, yes, …….. when referring to someone as an “idiot,” you might want to (at least) double-check your spelling first, before it backfires on you (in the same post). :D

  9. It’s a pity he felt the need to use profanity, that pretty much scuttles the chances of any media outlets promoting it.

  10. horselips, you are the greatest. A pathetic “useful idiot” of the progressive left, is right on target. He is hot and I could think of a lot of things I would like [ sing] with him aside from politics. I don’t like Obana, but I’am not calling him a SHIT. Why is he putting down Mitt Romney.He can’t vote, he is not an American, and he pays no taxes. Hell the way he’s going he should be in Mitt Romneys pay grade. As for your comment MAX,if he’s not a leftest then he just sings for those who pay the most money. I’am a person who believes that if you wish to screw up your home land be my guest, but keep your nose out of my country, and just maybe well keep out of your butt hairs, which I would like.

    1. I’m sorry I don’t believe a person where a person falls on the political spectrum can be determined by their opinion of one politician. Or that when we elect the person who has one of the strongest influences on international affairs, people from other countries can have an OPINION on him. Its also his opinion that the election was on par with Justin Bieber denying he knocked someone up. Perhaps he’s not singing to “those who pay the most money” but his peers who, here in the US, went for Obama 60-37

  11. Why, oh why must some of you be so negative? It is tiresome and unflattering. Putting someone else down doesn’t make you look better – quite the opposite in fact. Perhaps the old adage applies – If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.

  12. I’am sorry I don’t know what your first sentence means MAX in comment #23. The Obama score was 65,036,657 to Romney’s 60,535,589 popular vote. That is 50.9% to 47.4%. The electoral vote was 332 to 206. You really can’t call this a mandate. I don’t know what your 60-37 is. As for Film Buff [the original] I do hope your not referring to me. I’am just a bundle of nice things to say.

    1. “The electoral vote was 332 to 206. You really can’t call this a mandate.”

      Sorry, but it IS a “mandate” — and that will be higher taxes for the WEALTHIEST. Even if YOU don’t want to look at it as a “mandate,” it was still an ELECTORATIAL LANDSLIDE (and the BEST PART — Romney didn’t even see it coming when the writing was right there on the wall!).
      [LESSON: Republicans -- get BETTER poll readers --- I suggest a GAY ONE -- NATE SILVER.]

      And, to NOT recognize the 60-37% figure — you really did NOT pay any attention to the election, did you? Were you too busy with FOX Network and watching Karl Rove have his MELTDOWN? :D

      Right-wingers, get over yourselves. Obama [NOT "Obana"] won BOTH, Popular & Electoral because the MAJORITY saw through the CONSTANT Romney/Ryan LIES.

      And it’s looking like the Republican OBSTRUCTIONISTS will be caving in to the TAX INCREASES before the “fiscal cliff.”

  13. Come one year from now and well see hwo is right or wrong. Penboy, didn’t you ever hit the wrong key. Of course I don’t have a spell checker like you. I hope God is looking over you.

  14. When oh WHEN did this become a political site ? when the post [in and of itself] is NOT political in nature ? I suppose there are those who feel so insecure about the views they support that Each AND Every Little Thing must be found offensive and declared a threat or an insult to them blah Blah BLAH ! Troye is cute and talented, the video is clever [I couldn't have written / sung it], Mittens L-O-S-T, President Barry is COOL and haters should put away the Klan Hoods.. they don’t hide your swastika tattoos that well, anyway. Sorry Josh, this probably breaks rules… my bad – PLEASE don’t ban me.

  15. he’s cute, but i think its sad that in 2012 so much of our culture is centered around gangnam style and justin bieber…..like, wow….is that the best you could come up with for the highlights of 2012?

  16. Can’t know for sure, but I think Troye is gay/bi. But he has not outed himself yet. I guess its because he is at a critical point as a rising star and will lose much of his fan-base as a result. That said, it will be the small-minded fan-base discarded, and the real portion retained. These things are still extremely complicated, though.
    Have you watched any of his recent videos?? There’s that lasting flicker of queer in every one of them. (Not even bieber acts this way!), but its not the disgusting and girly type of gay. Instead, he’s the slick, boyish and classy type. And my god, is it hot…

    Look at his friends – only girls! (who he has known since he was a baby, and he says each and every one of them are beautiful etc..) He doesn’t care to make any of them jealous because they probably know his secret. He’s so sweet and thoughtful. I hope this doesn’t hurt him.

    He has always been “single”, even now at SEVENTEEN!!! No pressure Troye, you’re awesome this way.

    He recognizes his gay fans, and I respect him infinitely for that. Like when he re-tweets this: https://twitter.com/RenzoTweedie/status/274492177227337728/photo/1
    and if you read the conversation, i love it when he says, “P.S, it was hardly sneaky! hahah”

    He is also recently obsessed with the boys of One Direction (not their music, the boys themselves) but you can’t blame him lol
    eg. here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151208795508923&set=pb.18699663922.-2207520000.1354969584&type=3&theater
    and frequently finds ways to bring them up in his comments on twitter and his videos.

    There’s so much to say, but I suggest that if you really want to feel confident about the answer to this question, you need to visit his twitter, youtube or facebook accounts and spend a few hours just getting a feel of his expressions, comments, thoughts and body language.

    Troye is an incredible actor, singer and one of the most extraordinary young men in a world of degenerative youth. Don’t you dare hate on him because none of you could ever come close to that talent and hard work. He’s amazing, and as a girl, I’ll love him no matter what his sexual orientation turns out to be.

    We love you, Troye
    No matter.

  17. Ur the best talent eva seen & heard for a long time… JB & 1D eat ur dust boy, ur the best in my senses.

    Boy ur got way 2 much potential to be exclusive to UT, u need 2 think big boy…. real big ok!!! Wo!!!

    Hope 2 c more of your talent soon boy b4 that sweet voice breaks ;)

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