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  1. Lots of his videos on his personal website. ulrickmunther.com There is an english button at the bottom of the page.

  2. I love the lyrics and messages of hope in his songs, they always make me feel better after a rough day =) “King Of Our Days” is my personal favorite.

  3. Malaysia offers “spot the gay kid” seminars for teachers and parents. News item Boing Boing 14 September
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  4. my Urik!!! haha :D
    I’m so grateful to MB for presenting him to my music taste!!! No, I’m noooot addicted to his voice, no!!! XD

  5. I thought there was going to be a sister site for things like this so that the main gist of the site wouldn’t be burdened by basically off-topic (not-yet) popular media?

  6. This goes too show that you can’t please all the people all the time. This lad should keep his day job.

  7. Good to see Ulrik again. I have always adored this kid. There is just something absolutely real and likeable about him which comes through in his music. Kinda low key and not at all pretentious, just down to earth and very real. I need to purchase his CD’s. So where to buy? I’ll now do a Google search.

  8. I call this the Gwen Stefani syndrome. A moderate talent; but really nothing more than you would find in any local area. But that wrapped in a very attractive package and people pay attention.

    Forgive me, but those of you *love* this kid’s voice, would you do so if his looks were as average as his talent?

    Don’t get me wrong. I watch the videos too. But let’s not fool ourselves that it is for the artistry.

    Of course I buy all of Troye Sivan’s songs on iTunes. Just for the music I swear!

    1. That “attractive package” is part of the whole package and I like his laid back style. For me Ulrik is fun to watch and to listen to. I’m also a Ronan Parke fan but I really enjoy this kid.

  9. In some respects I agree with you,Che,and thinks for tuning me into his other videos, I do believe his other videos are better and show more of his talents. I don’t wish to appear stupid,but where is Ulrik from.

    1. He is from Sweden but he has made a number of videos in Los Angeles. Glad to hear you saw his other videos. I agree with Luckydog, I love this video and effects as it goes well with his brand of music.

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