The Boy Who Couldn’t Swim

The Boy Who Couldn’t Swim is a short film (featuring the lovely Jonas Wandschneider) about two teen boys who meet in Copenhagen and team up to find one of the boys’ mother. Instead they end up finding themselves – and each other.

Original Title: Drengen der ikke kunne svømme | Submitted by Johan

13 thoughts on “The Boy Who Couldn’t Swim”

  1. That was really heartwarming …. two amazingly handsome boys and a great story. Just shows how a short film can bring out the best of the story without any sex spoiling the point of the film.

    Thanks for sharing ….

  2. Sebastian Elkrog Sørensen is gorgeous. Those bloody swimming trucks are hideous. Lovely story. Seen more of Denmark too. Also available on you tube under ‘Drengen Der Ikke Kunne Svømme’

  3. Long time no see of Jonas. Glad he’s still in acting buisiness. He’s lovely indeed (as is the short film).
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Moments in time on a summer day…never to be repeated, sometimes familiar, but never the same. First kiss was amazing and the explanation for it….

    1. Real1, I love your words… Reading what you said gave me the same feeling I had while watching this film of these handsome boys and their day together.

      1. Thank you….I had almost the exact same thing happen to me, except around a swimming pool. The other boy just leaned over and kissed me out of the blue. Still a closet case, I didn’t adequately respond until much later. But then ‘later’ was never the same as that first kiss…sometimes spontaneity is everything. Just do it…<3

  5. An enjoyable video, but in my view, this story came to an improbable ending, probably to maintain its “PG” rating and to keep it “simple.” 2 or 3 quick “peck” kisses usually don’t make a “very memorable” meeting/summer — it’s usually what logically follows after those kisses (again, in my view). And for the short story, both boys did very well, but I most enjoyed Sebastian Sørensen — he’s quite the looker. :D

  6. This was a cute short film with out any sex. It was still very good and Sebastian is a looker with poor taste in swim wear. Then again the film was not suppose to be dripping with sex. Its just two boys having there first kiss. I assume its their first boy/boy kiss. Its ironic that both boys come from a dysfunctional back ground.

  7. Filmed in 2008, not released until 2011. Thats the trouble with under-funded art films. Supposely made for all of $4,300! The blonde-ish boy spent two wks in prison for vandalism. (2010) The sole screen credit for the other boy. An impressive first try at acting!

  8. #11 – he was sentenced a suspended sentence for 2 weeks. He will only serve the time if he commits an other crime.

  9. …hard to imagine the job of finding two more expressive faces to put in the same film. Nice work…but after the kiss, the whole story turned negative…it is as if it was written by two different people.

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