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  1. That’s a very sweet video…looks like one of them is leaving, though….like they’re at an airport or something?

  2. Its great that we have have now reached a time were any gender can do this in public without ridicule (almost)!!! LOVELY

  3. y si me podeis comprender, digame por favor! porque puedes venir en cuatro sabore

    1. de que estas hablando? hasta en la letra se puede distinguir tu acento americano lol…ah y te falto la “s” al final, en sabore
      “sabores”. Si quieres te puedo enseñar español ;)

  4. yo puedo comprender todo que usted escrivyo menos “cuatro sabore” trate para aprender ingles!

    that aside, watching these boys kiss, firstly from the video posted at ethams, is what made me see how beautiful an act kissing is. in fact i recently had my first kiss and although it was great, i only wish it could have been as passionate and pure as this truly touching testament of human love here.

  5. @easyimaclergyman love your name i meant y ahora pueden venir en cuatros sabores la lengua aleman, ingles black raspberry, espanol etc tambien hablo ou falo portugues y estoy escribando con una computadora sin accentos sorry
    @andrew y los otros which other videos??????????
    help me out here
    bollocks all, but don’t be assholes
    love matt
    from merka

  6. This is so stupid. Sorry, but, (I’m gay) why chose to do this infront of everyone at an airport! Like come on…fucking posers think that they’re cute and shit
    what the hell.

    Like seriously, why do french kisses and shit in public like that! The PUBLIC IS NOT READY FOR THAT kind of shitt! WTF

    SO embarrissing to the gays out there (including me)
    Bravo, well done you stupid guys :P

    1. I think it’s simply brilliant.
      Of course the public is not ready for that because not enough gays do it!

      In my town, which used to be very conservative, there were a couple of gays who used to hold hands and make out in public. They were shouted at often.
      Then more gays did it, then more. Now, not even school kids yell anymore, nobody cares, or bothers to care.

      Way out! Way to go, love the video!

    2. >_> How will they ever be ready if they don’t face the music, ?

      I’m proud that they did, I dought they went out to upset people it was the heat of the moment .

      You shouldn’t have to be hidden about who you love, and how you show your affection .

      Embarrassing is that you try to speak for all gay people

      No maybe everyone doesn’t agree with it, but that does not make a difference if it be gay, straight or w/e

    3. its not like you shouldnt do that in public just because they are gay.

      i do find it a little rude when people go over the top in public, but that has nothing to do if the couple is straight or gay

  7. if it wasn’t so painfully real, i would say it just gave me diabetes.

    very nice. milkboys really is getting somewhere, content-wise. not just the usual aesthetics, more boldness in all directions. porn as well as this. like the development.

      1. Nearly 2 years even, the time stamps are just a bit rough from 1 year on (they go just 1 year ago, 2 years ago etc. so when a comment is 1 year and 6 months old it will say “about 1 year ago”)

  8. It’s Patrick and Shane.Check out the birthday vid.
    It’s a shame they are no longer together.

    1. ah, alright. yeah, the rest of their stuff is mighty cheesy. this vid is really a singular pearl.

  9. d’aww! This is so kewt! Can’t hear sounds cause I am at school but it looks emotional and with lots of tension!

  10. es freut mich zu sehn Jünglings die so offen sein können

    als ich junger war, wäre so ein Kuss einfach unmöglich.

  11. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist:

    One last kiss before the night,
    Long have we walked side by side,
    After silence finally our love takes flight,
    Time has come that it is the truth we abide,
    The feeling we had was always right,
    And even if we are hated far and wide,
    Truth and love will prevail this fight,
    We shall stand, together, trough this night.

  12. One of those moments that is worth remembering even when the relationship ends.

    We all should realise that as with everything in existence, change is primary and nothing lasts forever. Which is at direct odds with my firm believe that love does last… the kicker is so few feel the same about the other. I don’t know. Maybe Love does not either. It hasn’t for me.

  13. To my disappointment, the heavy breathing actually comes from the one who films this. Otherwise it would have been even a thousand times cuter.

  14. PDAs (Public Displays of Affection) are increasingly rare – I seldom see str8s or gays doing it any more. They were much more common years ago. Of course, years ago, I moved with a much younger crowd.
    You gotta hand it to these 2 boys – they are very brave to do it in public to begin with, and then to post it on the Internet. They are “out” to the max. Imagine 2 men in their 30s, 40s or 50s doing this? Fat chance, and one of the reasons I love adolescent boys.

    1. haha i agree, but do we need an acronym for it? lol – or is that because there is some sort of law against it, which would be totally unjust

  15. This is exactly what happened when I got off the plane and saw my boyfriend in person for the first time. n_n
    …memories….. :D

    but this most recent time I visited, he wouldn’t let me kiss him because I just turned 18, and he thought it was illegal.

    he’s silly. XD

  16. I think this is a very sweet video. I can not but notice people looking at them int he back ground, I am wondering what are they thinking as they pass.

  17. …you can see the true love here :-)… They are so happy, it’s hard to see it today. Good luck, boys:-)

  18. beautifull *.*
    how did this guys become so famous? they have a channel on youtube?
    I watch the birthday video, soooo cute (btw, why do they have to talk like that?)

  19. This brings back good memories, thanks Josh ;). When I was 28 (and looked 28) I made out outside the security gate of an airport with a young guy who looked like 15 (who was really 23) and nobody else cared. Then again, he had stockings, armwarmers, eyeliner, freckles, etc., People sometimes thought he was a lesbian! The guys in the kebab shops would always ask “is that a girl or a guy?” Hahahaha!

  20. This video really creeps me out, actually. Like, they’re all lovey and everything that’s fine not creepy. But then the fact this person is filming it and like crying behind the camera is so weird.
    And yeah this is probably 5 years old. They are long broken up. Sorry to ruin the fun. =/

  21. It may be old, and they’re not together etc, but it’s really beautiful and, without all the reality crap, it does restore your faith in humanity!

    It would be nice to see this more often around the world! :)

  22. I remember seeing this ages ago, and it was just as adorable then ^_^

    I wish I could be that brave. They don’t even look uncomfortable, they don’t even care. All that matters is each other <3

  23. Reminds me of my first kiss wiz my lover

    We kissed for a while then hug happily

    Best wishes ~

  24. Wow, this is like the most heart-melting vid I’ve ever seen … their emotions, barely believing they finally touch their beloved one … WOW!

    Oh and the ppl’s weird looks remind me so much of what me and my bf experience everyday, when holding hands and kissing in public.


  25. I have to admit this video is cute but my ex broke up with me for Shane (brunette one) and I’m kinda of sick of seeing him everyone. Shane is a sweetheart but I hate the fact that he reminds me of my ex and he is EVERYWHERE.

  26. Raaaa…Why do I seem to focus on how obliteratively embarrassed this would make me feel? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hater and I did grin seeing you two kiss.

    Maybe I’m jealous I just did the slightly awkward hug-in-public-but-you-really-wanna-make-out sort of thing when I met my current partner for the first time…oh well

    Great post!

  27. That blond boy must be the top as he’s taking control over the dark haired boy who is obviously the bitch. Hope he rapes his boycunt afterwards, the horny dark haired little whore and make him suck your cock afterwards then fuck him again till your spunk oozes out his arse. Then get him to dress in leather and a pink tutu and whip your arse. I’m going for a cold shower.

  28. that’s so beautiful ^.^

    I gonna kiss my secret bf right now xD

    I’m a guy

    haha hermoso :P

  29. Play this with the song, “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap…. It made me feel like i did when I was having my first kiss with my boyfriend….

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