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  1. So many of us have died so we can live the openly (if possible), the fight still continues though.
    I fear the day we have to go militant to fight for the right to exist (i am looking at you Russia, yes other countries too).
    Hopefully we will within our lifetimes see a global acceptance.

    1. “I fear the day we have to go militant to fight for the right to exist (i am looking at you Russia, yes other countries too).”

      We need to highlight all throughout AFRICA as well and not let them just “fade away” as if it didn’t matter.

  2. The documentary accurately depicts the 60’s. I lived in constant fear of discovery. I often went to the only gay cruise bar in town hidden away in a basement. The lights often flashed indicating the presence of undercovers looking for “illegal activity”.

    1. It looks as if it wasn’t deleted ….. when one is in “moderation”, it sometimes “disappears” for a short time only to “reappear” just before it gets posted.

      I’m surprised no one has pointed this out before since josh’s “new” posting software (or “updates”?). I’ve noticed this for the last few months now.

      Everyone has been so “worried” [particularly one continually impatient one with "pitch forks"] over their supposedly “deleted” comments when all that has happened is just simpy the methods of josh’s software.

        1. @Devil

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            1. Ah the wonders of google translate. LOL. He just told you to stop starring in the mirror. Oh well. Now back to our normal programming.

            2. @ Old Dan
              Pb says:
              “Je ne suis pas le seul “semis” la confusion, j’ai juste effacé les choses – — je vous souhaite vraiment cesser de ce miroir lorsque vous essayez de commenter à moi.”
              “I’m not the only “sowing” confusion, I just cleared things – I really want you to stop this mirror when you try to comment to me.”
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            3. Mon prof de francais m’aurait dit d’ecrire “Si vous aviez. Oui, je sais. Les accents sont absents. J’utilise un clavier anglais. :-P Et je suis trop parresseux pour utiliser le “character map”. Et la St. Jean, tu l’as fete? Au fait, le spectacle televise de la St Jean etait le pire depuis fort longtemp. Seul brillait Micher Rivard.

              En fait, je suis parfaitement bilingue et je peux faire des fautes d’aurtographe autant en anglais qu’en francais. Hehehe.

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              Learn French?
              Hell no not even if for my precious milkboys!
              I actually wrote my original comment in French because I thought that few would bother to translate it and even if it still could be considered a subtle way to avoid another long protracted war over zip which easily could have been restarted out of anger alone.

              Unlike Old Dan you of course are quite familiar with certain mb’s history and the ‘true intent’ of pb’s line that promoted my initial response.

            5. rokker:
              “Ça ne serait pas mieux si vous avez tous appris à parler français?”

              [Or], …

              ce crétin pourrait apprendre à écrire un anglais correct.

  3. ❦Some of the views expressed here from almost a half century ago are still rehashed today practically verbatim which indeed shows the sad current state of world sentiment regarding the dreaded and most feared homosexual…

    1. Why the surprise? It’s fundamentalism at its best. Fundamentalism is stagnant, never changing, and rotten to the core.

      I guess, at least for me, that fundamentalism means foundation, something that supports a way of thinking, a set of morals that a society is built upon. The problem with a foundation is that if it isn’t taken care of as in replacing the parts that have gone bad, like hatred of something or someone, that that very foundation’s collapse is inevitable.

      1. @ Old Dan
        “Why the surprise? ”
        Did my statement show surprise or did you just infer that?
        Your statement stands alone, that’s your interpretation not mine so there was no need to tag on my comment.
        Speak for pb and yourself not me.

        ☞Oh yeah, I’m not thin skinned; I just can’t stand asses.

        1. Sound of foot dragging on floor, heavy breathing… Yes… Maaaaster… Igor submit post for your approval next time. Sounds getting farther and farther away.

          Watching Ghost Adventures just made me realize what you are. An EVP. An Extremely Vain Person. If someone doesn’t post to your liking you go after him with a vengeance. Maybe I saw surprise where there was none, so fucken what? Sue me.

          1. “… just made me realize what you are. An EVP. An Extremely Vain Person.”

            Thank you. You hit that nail directly on his head. Unfortunately, it’s not going to repair anything under that roof.

          2. @OD &PB as I see he parrots you below!
            OD:That’s three times you’ve made an assumption not in evidence. The only two big heads I see on this page are you and your bosom buddy pb.

            Rest assured I now know you are of exactly the same ilk and I shan’t waste a minute more on either of you but to both FYVM and do have a loverly evening.

            1. Hell with a a pair of chum scrubbers like you two cleaning up each other’s cum and tag teaming at the drop of a hat what’s a mere mortal to do?
              Screw it, there’s only one person round here that I do care about and even he’s not enough to keep me swimming through the crap in this cesspool.
              It’s all yours brain trusts….you deserve each other!

            2. Shan’t my ass, Devil. Let’s see. Assumptions? Actually you also are guilty of the same thing, my “friend”. It was a wonderful display of hypocrisy on your part when you were so “happy” to see me correct Penboy about Harry Morgan. In fact I was simply saying that I also had thought that it was the actor and not the news reporter that was named. What I didn’t mention was that I had actually rewound the video to see if I had read right the name I saw, that of Morgan. And that was even before Penboy mentioned it. I simply hadn’t posted about it until Penboy first posted about it. But Penboy forgot to mention one important thing and I suspect it was simply his kind heart. At the end of the generic you hear static, lots of static. The first thing that came to my mind was YOUR MIND, Devil. You only like posters that post according to your liking and nothing else.

              Anyway, while I do have a thick skin I’ve decided that from now on, unless it’s something crucially important to me and that’s only a maybe, I will stop posting on Milkboys. So, from trying to be active I’ll simply be a reader.

              This blog is supposed to be about being open minded, not being bigoted and self centered like you, Devil. You love to incite anger from those you don’t like. So, you won. Now go suck your ego. Me I’ve had enough of the likes of you.

              A bon entendeur salut!

      2. In addition to fundamentalism the people that were brought up that way are still alive. Thoughts don’t get to all areas of society immediately, especially those where communication doesn’t travel as quickly. The US was an amalgamation of hundreds, if not thousands of societies immediately after WWII (and more prior to the wars). Time space and distance all play integral parts in the dissemination or lack there-of of ideas.

        Keep in mind, the people of the 50’s/60’s could be as old as you, your parents, or your grandparents. I still remember Mike Wallace (albeit far older though looking the same) on TV doing the news. I thought he was still doing the news until a search informed me he only died 2 years ago.

        Ideas, beliefs are slow to change, if they change at all. My beliefs, your beliefs persist throughout our lives. Some may change while others remain no matter what ‘logic’ or ‘faith’ they run counter too.

        1. Maybe change is slow simply because of the Cult of the Elders. That cult makes people believe that only “older” people have wisdom and understanding of everything. Yet, look at all of the innovations and yes, new ways of thinking, changing society today. Most of those come from people barely in their 20s while the resistance to change comes from the older people. The older they are the more they cling to “if it’s not broken don’t fix it”. Food for thought there.

  4. This CBS documentary looks and feels more like 1957 rather than 1967. I’m surprised to see that there was that much hysteria in this country just 2 years before Woodstock.

    Gore Vidal appears for over 60 seconds (starting around the 7:00 mark) and seems to be the lone voice of reason. Vidal’s truly groundbreaking novel “The City and The Pillar” was truly a brave book, having been published in the late 1940’s.

    I was age 15 in 1967 and was busy having as much sex as I could with the neighborhood boys during overnight back-yard sleep outs and such. I had already had my knob polished a few times by that age!

    1. @Jeffylube

      This CBS documentary looks and feels more like 1957 rather than 1967.

      Actually one could easilly say that society was frozen in time while technology was busy evolving. New cars, new gadgets, frozen people. Frozen morals. Frozen minds. Vidal, like you said, was the voice of truth, a truth that no one wanted to hear. And this is where I’ll get flamed and so be it, he did mention the cause of what was happening. The “mad protestant 19th century dream of human behavior” is absolutely true. But to be fair lets not forget that catholics also were trying to live that same mad dream. I should know because I was raised catholic. It took Stonewall to wake up from that nightmare.

  5. This is a very informative documentry. Damm homosexuals! You gotta be really careful out there because you never know where they might be hiding – you could be walking down the road and one might jump out from behind a tree and grab you, or one could be hiding under your bed and get you in the middle of the night!

  6. Hmmm, an interesting post, thank you, but ‘fraid I can’t watch this stuff (same way I can’t watch the political neo’s & cons today) – the bigots are so sure of themselves and yet they know nothing –

    Sadly I was around back then & remember well that we were poofters & fagots and were easy kill meat & the law didn’t care, even in the enlightened ’60’s . Today we’re pedo’s – an improvement?

    Yes in the big cities, on the web and for the young an easier life appears to be coming, but away from these enlightened spaces, attitudes are very slow to change – Sadly what should be normal, is a life wrecker for many….and you only get one go at life.

  7. Its historic (hysteric?) black & white and dated like dinosaurs, bearing no relevance to (my) life today in a small town in Wales where I live openly gay with my partner (the only gays in the village? NO!) and never have any bother at all…but I was around in the 60s and although I had an inkling I was queer, (bi with heavy gay bias to be accurate) I didn’t want to identify with the only stereotype on hand: dirty old men flashing in raincoats or over the top Kenneth Williams types… oh for twink porn and internet yet to come…so denial was a handy option and I wasn’t ever such a flaming type that people noticed me… I wasn’t going to come out so lived for decades with a wife and child until finally coming out in 2000 and guess what? Nobody minded, everyone was pleased and we all lived happily ever after…

    But that is the UK today, in my opinion very free and liberated, also much of North America including Mexico, Latin America is generally cool for gays these days and of course Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Japan, Taiwan and Israel are all surging ahead with gay rights…but sadly not the case in so much of the world, Africa, Russia and Arabia are still in the dark ages.

  8. In 1966 I joined the army in an effort to cure myself of my perversion after my high school boyfriend dumped me because he did not want to be queer. Those were really painful times. Homosexuality was a big topic during those times. Th guilt of knowing you were a homo was overwhelming. My first suicide attempt was at age 16. As I now look back I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry.

    1. You are younger than I. I graduated high school in 1941. So many things have changed since then. Looking back I had my first “turn-on” when I was less than three years old in dreams of protecting other boys from severe punishment over trivial matters. Later, at about age three or four, I had the first tingling in my groin on seeing another older boy, about seven, wearing a tight fitting sun suit, with elastic leg openings, that showed off his little bulge in a most provocative way. I did not make a choice to have those feelings.

      Later in adolescent years, I had a daily encounter with the boy next door. We discovered our bodies together and engaged in mutual masturbation for several years until he and I left for the military in 1943. He became straight and I continued with solo masturbation, never taking it any farther than that.

      I later married to prove that I could function with a girl, fathered two children, and lived a “normal” yet closeted life. The entire story is too long to repeat here but I am now one of those old, fat, bald, impotent men who would give almost anything to be aroused again.

  9. Just laugh, no need to cry! We live in a different world now, in so many ways. Be OUT, is what I recommend, in case you are not. You’ll be laughing then…

    1. @sean
      I feel more humor than sadness even though I have not forgotten the pain of those times. I have recently come out in a very selective way and find it an incredible relief to do so.

  10. I mush prefer Boys Beware. None of this “human story” business. And the boys are pretty cute.

  11. Wow. I’d forgotten just how bad things were, back then. I was in my mid-teens when this documentary was aired, and was well aware of the fact I liked boys. It brought back many memories of how people were, back in the 60’s, and I recall living in mortal fear of being discovered.

    “Th guilt of knowing you were a homo was overwhelming..”

    That’s so true, Bruce. I also recall living with overwhelming guilt, and spent many, many years telling myself I am what I am, and that I am not a second class citizen, nor am I a bad person.

    1. @daveboy

      “…I spent many, many years telling myself I am what I am not a second class citizen, nor am I a bad person.”

      I think it was somewhere during the early 90’s when most of the country (America) was finally getting the idea that Gay was not a choice. Of course in some locals, such as our many, many bible belts, it is still a choice and a repulsive perversion and unforgivable in the eyes of GAWD.

  12. Just a quickie note right now, but did anyone catch the first of the credits? “Produced by Harry Morgan”.

    Yes, that very same Harry Morgan who played the character “Col. Sherman T. Potter” on M*A*S*H (1972) and of course, “Officer Bill Gannon” in Dragnet 1967 (TV Series).

    1. I just spent half an hour trying to find a link to Harry Morgan, the actor, relating to that CBS special. No luck. In fact what I did find is Harry Morgan, journalist. Also, on IMDB he is under “producer”.


      As for WIKI, Harry Morgan, actor has no link to that documentary.

      I strongly suspect that like me you were mistaken as to which Morgan it was.

      1. @ Old Dan finally sees the light?
        ☞And you’re surprised why?
        Actually there were those that knew different but chose not to point it out because it may have been construed as petty and then been disputed, fact or not.
        I appreciate your taking it a step further as I did and also for being the one to point it out.

      2. “I just spent half an hour trying to find a link to Harry Morgan, the actor, relating to that CBS special. No luck. In fact what I did find is Harry Morgan, journalist. Also, on IMDB he is under “producer”.”

        Thanks for that. Yes, I did make a mistake, so …. sorry. I assumed because of that name and because the HM that I referred to had his hands in quite a bit of TV during that time.

        And, as far as the idiot with pitchforks, well, what can I say? He’s not just an idiot, but a EVI. An Extremely Vain Idiot.”.

        1. And, as far as the idiot with pitchforks, well, what can I say? He’s not just an idiot, but a EVI. An Extremely Vain Idiot.”.

          That, from the king of vain…if your head was any damn bigger it’d be a hot air balloon!

          1. @redidiot:
            “That, from the king of vain…if your head was any damn bigger it’d be a hot air balloon!”

            Let’s see ….. I made a mistake, was corrected, I acknowledged that correction and apologized.

            How is that “vain” — you bumbling and mouthing idiot?

            1. Quote: You truly can’t let “sleeping dogs lie”, can you?
              Hypocritical twat

  13. The 60s were a great time to find beautiful sex partners in any city in America. The railroad stations, the bus stations, Bryant Park and Times Square in NYC, Selma and Las Palmas &The Gold Cup in LA, Piccadilly in London, England, Bahnhoff Zoo in Berlin. Baltimore, Maryland until 1975 was the Tangier of North America. And Paul Goodman had no trouble finding beautiful boys anywhere he went. It goes on and on.
    It is today in which we living in a Dark Age of sex. John Money in one his last essays before he died in 2006 wrote that “We are entering a new sexual dark ages”.
    Edmund Carpenter was correct when he said “We use media to destroy cultures, but we first use media to create a false record of what we are about to destroy.”

    1. Very well stated. Thank you for that.

      “The … the bus stations, … Selma and Las Palmas &The Gold Cup in LA, ”

      OK, I do remember those ….. L.A.’s Greyhound/Continental Trailways stations [across the street from each other] were hopping quite a bit during that time.

  14. Look at the guy at 6:30. FInally someone talking sense. He even advocates for polyarmory and free love and so on <3

  15. The saddest and most pathetic part of watching ‘vintage’ videos such as this one is that, amazingly, after over 60 years, in some aspects of our “culture”, very little has changed — even after knowing what we know today regarding the “science” and psychology of homosexuality.

  16. Isn’t it funny that a good percentage of people in the industry that produced this documentary were homosexual.

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