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    1. Oskar, what is ECPAT? I’m sorry I am not in the main stream. I need a little help with this.

      Interesting film, and a sad loss of yet another publication… but really, Britney Spears?? *rolls eyes*

    2. Please tell me about Karl’s murky connection to ECPAT, Oskar, you seem to know a lot about it.

      1. Why not ask Karl about it? He gives a different answer every time he tries to explain why he had a link on his web site to ECPAT. Once he said we should have a sense of humour about it, and yet another time he asked the rhetorical question “Don’t you want to protect the children?” which is akin to asking if you still beat your wife.

        People who want to “protect” children don’t care about facts, they create “evidence” out of thin air to carry on their self serving witch-hunts.

        I wouldn’t feel very comfortable knowing ECPAT has my IP address after having linked to them from Karl’s web site. I certainly wouldn’t charge the magazine to my credit card, nor have it sent to my house in the USA. Maybe your door won’t be busted down, but at the very least it is like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

        Read this:

    3. Yeah Oskar… I also heard Karl used a special ink that reveals body fluids if you put it under black light so police can tell if you used your copy in an inappropriate way.

      1. Do you also make light of what happened to the Brongersma Stiftung and to the Dutch artist Bernard?

        1. Yeah, you’re right, we should all live a life of fear and paranoia because putting ourselves into the role of the victim gives our petty lives a sense!

          1. Privacy is something we are all running out of in this world. I think it is every persons’ decision whether or not to deal with this issue. Personally, I maintain an open book. I am not one to live in fear, which I admit is odd coming from a self-confessed paranoid. But I grew up at a time when my Dad was under threats of all kinds. In Paris, he was almost killed in a bombing. Dad is a Professor of Modern Russian History and Medical History spending much of his career in the old Soviet Union, and in Europe.
            The attitude I grew up around is one of quiet defiance to the threats and dangers. I guess I feel the same way now. I do not consciously break the law but I know at some point my writing and drawing might. My decision. They know where to find me if it is that critical. Honestly I think all these laws are a terrible waste of time and energy. Making something whether drugs, alcohol, sex or porn illegal has never, not once, been effective in stopping the use or marketing. And yet, here we are.

  1. So… and this might be a totally stupid question…. if I was to order printed copies of Destroyer, and have them shipped to my house in the States….. that’d be cool, right? I mean, customs wouldn’t come busting down my door demanding to know “what all this is about?” and “you’re coming with us!” – that wouldn’t happen, right?

    1. There’s no nudity nor any illegal content in it + was checked by Swedish and German police and both didn’t find anything to complain about it.

      1. The fact that Destroyer was checked by Swedish and German police is only relevant in Sweden and Germany. There is particularly a risk for people in the UK, where, for example, a photograph of a shirtless boy of about 12 in jeans (properly fastened up!) can be considered a “category 1″ indecent photograph of a child (whether a jury thinks it IS or not is a different matter again, but try telling that to the police when they come knocking on your door at 6am).

        As a perfect example of how utterly absurd things are here, consider the case of R. v Murray [2005] Crim.L.R 387, in which “Murray recorded and modified a television medical documentary about a boy with a genital defect. His modifications included slowing the tape speed and focussing the image on the male’s genitals. Defense argued that the images in question were decent because the video was decent and images were only clips from the video (Gillespie, 2005). The Court of Appeal rejected this argument stating that the clips were images in their own right and the jury could decide if an image abstracted from a decent image was indecent.”…

        Which, in simple terms, means the man was convicted of having CHILD ABUSE IMAGES

        1. My British friends who come over here each Christmas, have told us, verified separately, that now “any’ photograph of a child taken and published is either cleared or pixilated out. Now all images of children or child-like figures of any type whether drawn freehand, line art, painting, photograph or computer graphic are considered child pornography in England, Canada and Australia.

          Pretty soon, if not already done, images of boys under 18 in swim wear will be considered illegal. What a world.

          1. What you guys say is really tragic. Has the world gone mad? It is crying shame that people cannot be more honest with themselves. A young teen boy on this site once said to me “…everyone is attracted to youth. So don’t kill yourself over it.” He is so right. The beauty of young teen boys has been an art form throughout history and yet most will have a need to disavow any such desire to simply admire a beautiful teen boy. It is such a shame that they will deny their unacceptable desire and then project it onto others and justify their need to attack it.

    2. I don’t think anything will happen to you just because you purchase a non-illegal magazine featuring sexy teenagers. If you prefer slightly paranoid vision upon the world instead: expect that your credit-card holder’s name _might_ be recorded in some (American?) government’s database.

      1. IceCold is correct. The magazine is not illegal and will not get you in trouble. If you are concerned about being recognised by the government, then understand that your being out on this site or any of several thousand sites about homosexuality, or use any number of ‘key’ words or phrases, you are apt to be flagged by computer data miners and may be investigated. Personally I doubt it because there are not enough investigators to look into all those flags so they really focus on specific crimes and key words. But it is possible. The US government, under the aegis of the Patriots Act, can and does demand complete data bases from ISPs. These are mined for information that is supposed to lead to home grown terrorists but is also used to hunt down pedophiles. The government is allowed to listen to our text and chats, read through all logs of irc rooms, etc., without a court hearing and order.
        It is a loss of our privacy bent on our protection, but it is a godsend to agencies and police who have been chaffing to have access to private conversations to catch criminals. And if the innocent get caught up then they are collateral damage. If you are innocent, you have nothing to fear. Right? yeah.

  2. Well, i ordered my copy. Supposedly there are only gonna be 1,000 produced. if my credit card info is in an American Database well, then it is there with all my other info i guess. I do not like it, butt they will get what they want somehow. There is no porn in these magz so people need to just relax there asses and leave well enough alone.

  3. yea, sprung for it and a couple back issues this morning. so legendary it’s ridiculous, like Dennis’ Little Caesar. only stocked in shops mad far away from me [across the atlantic], so never seen it. even so i felt a pang when it ended. wonder what Karl will do next, after his long vacation.

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