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  1. As a very old man, I’m constantly amazed and very appreciative of the quality and quantity of these gay short films from all over the world. Even after I moved to New York city in my teens (in the 1950’s), there was a dearth of gay material around. A few gay novels, which weren’t all that easy to find, and a few “physique magazines” which were even harder to come by. Gay bars were scarce and dance clubs required hard-to-come by insider information to find and get into. I wonder if you younger guys realize how lucky you are in this respect. On the other hand, all these deaths due to bullying were much, much rarer then. Just a thought that occurred to me while watching this film.

    1. I think the gay teen related suicides were happening even in the 50s and 60s, but we weren’t as aware of them in those days. Society tended to sweep any reference to suicide under the carpet – even more likely if it involved any reference to homosexuality. There was soooo much stigma. The statistics I’ve seen seem to imply that the problem was there – just vastly under-reported.

    2. I think the suicides have always been there in varying numbers. Certainly in the 50s, suicide wasn’t widely discussed by the press except in certain high profile cases. If homosexuality was involved, it was even more likely to be swept under the rug by those closest to it.

    3. Why do you think this is a gay film? Other than the boy being quite hot, I see nothing obviously gay in the film. Just ennui. Can just as easily be straight.

      Quite lovely though. Love the über reverb on the song…

    4. @Bob
      If you couldn’t find gay sex in NYC during the 50s and 60s you either lived in a convent or were blind.

      1. I never said I couldn’t find sex in the 50’s and certainly not in the 60’s There were a few bars and plenty of hustlers, as well as casual encounters and old-fashioned romances even in the 40’s. I was referring to public and commercial gay material; films, novels, photos, etc. They were around, of course, but they weren’t above the counter in every bookstore and news stand. Especially in the early and mid 50’s. If you Google gay films made in the 50’s, you’ll find there were very few, especially compared to from the 60’s on. And even in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s there was nothing like the hundreds of short gay films from all over the world available for anybody from Mud Puddle, Mississippi to watch on their computer. And there certainly weren’t the thousands of young guys performing at home in front of their computers, I assume believing they are only being seen by some girl on the other side of the screen. Perhaps the above film wasn’t meant to be gay, as someone else pointed out, but it was certainly a treat for these queer old eyes. I just thought some young people might not realize this stuff hasn’t always been available to everyone.

  2. Country Western music never appealed to me, although, admittedly, it is music to cleans the guns by.

  3. I really like this as I can relate to moments like that when I was about that age. Not sad or depressed but just letting my mind wander and jump around. The song is one of my favorites and the guy is simply beautiful, even the cigarette did not take away from that.

  4. The striking looking teenboy with full lips, the closeups of the 8mm movie camera and the Schwinn bike, the style of the scene cuts, the yodeling cowboy music… To me, it could only mean one thing. This is a commercial for Target or Old Navy! But no…

    I’m lost.

    1. BTW, the song is “Cattle Call” by Eddie Arnold from the album, The Essential Eddie Arnold… $0.99 on iTunes for the cut. The bass rattles my windows nicely. The neighbors gonna be like, wtf?.

  5. Stolen from My Own Private Idaho almost verbatim. Including the music. Still he’s adorable and why is it the instant I stop smoking everyone else is smoking right and left? Pardon me while I chew off my arm, not sure which I want more, the boy or the cig.

  6. This is a very handsome young lad who looks very sad. Its like he has something heavy on his mind. It reminds me of me when I was that age, cigarette and all. That camera doesn’t look so up to date. I think this is a few years back. I don’t mind the cigarette, because he can always quit the habit if he has a mind to do so. He looks like a young boy who could be gay or straight with a lot on his mind. No kid that age, gay or straight, doesn’t come free of things on their mind at that age. Most get through it. Some carry it for the rest of their lives. Some just quit.

  7. @Bob: I’am from Philadelphia,as much as I hate to admit to it, and I went to gay bars in center city in the late 60’s and 70’s. I know for a fact that New York City was much ahead of Philly Gay life entertainment. I think Sammy is right, you must have been living in a convent.

    1. Read my follow-up or my original comment. I wasn’t talking about bars or getting laid . . and I certainly wasn’t talking about the 60’s. I worked in the famous drag show in the Club 82 (I was one of the “male” dancers) in 1960 and in Cherry Grove on Fire Island in 1961 and I went to the gay bars in the Village in the mid-50’s, so I certainly wasn’t living in a convent. I stand by my original comment.

  8. Cool short film. Cool (and hot!) star! Awesome shirt!!! I NEED IT! Is Nicolas Scarpinato the actor as well as the director maybe?

  9. What was the point of the film? If anything it seemed like an advertisement for smoking cigarettes. We learned that he is repressed in some no-nothing town, he dresses weird, and has pouty lips that seem too big for his mouth, and lastly he doesn’t know how to attend to his mop of hair. Christ! It’s my brother!

  10. Although this a “cover” of My Private Idaho I find the music selection interesting. The singing cowboy was immortalized in Saturday matinees in the mid 20th century. It might be thought that these movies were a romantic portrayal of something that never existed. The truth is cowboys did sing. The life of a real cowboy was dirty, hard and lonely. They spent weeks out on prairie. They sang out of loneliness. They also sang to soothe the cattle to prevent them from being startled and stampeding .
    The young man in this clip looks very lonely. At first the music strikes you as a rather bizarre combination with the video cli[p. However, I think it is actually very appropriate.

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