22 thoughts on “The Merboys”

  1. aaaaaah my mermaid fetish is finally acknowledged! *orgasms* :D now if only we kind find IRL boys to do mermaids costumes…..

  2. My favorite part is the seagull’s ass.

    don’t fish just have cloacas?
    They would look really good covered in fossil fuels.

    1. I think both birds on the “nest” are Terns, not Seagulls (see his long forked tail — like the one flying). :-))

  3. You should check out his page on devient art he has some very nice work. He`s very good at drawing boys!

  4. This reminds me of that old Disney Channel movie, “The 13th Year” about a boy who starts turning into a merman when he’s 13, does anyone else remember that lol? Cody was sexy =)

  5. OMG cody was really sexy.. and they were not too bashful about having him in his speedos either.. Its one of my Favorites

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