The new Community is online

We didn’t really celebrate milkboys’ third birthday this summer but at least for the second anniversary of the milkboard some big changes have been made. More below, but first of all:

If you had an account on the old board you can still use it but you might have to reset your password if you have problems logging into the new board.

If you only had a blog account you will have to create a new account for the board since we completely disabled blog accounts. The upside here is that you can use all the new features (forums, galleries, chat) with only one account.

If you didn’t have any account at all so far you can either sign up now or log in with your twitter account (you just have to chose a display name then).

So, what’s new on the milkboard? A lot! The most obvious change is the new design of course. While the old board never really looked like a part of milkboys we made sure this time that you feel like you’re actually staying on milkboys when you switch to the forums. But we didn’t just upgrade the visuals, the software itself is a huge step into the future as well. It’s not only more comfortable to use than the old one but also brings some new features like extended profiles, status updates, twitter integration, member galleries, a chat, a milkies map and a lot more. Start exploring…