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  1. cute kid having crazy fun.

    Josh, I’m not being notified about new comments to any post by Mail!

    1. You’ve probably received tons of answers to your question, Adrian. I’ll add mine.

      Kids like kids who are interesting. interesting cool. How do you get that way? Go to live theatre. Read the newspaper. Write free verse poetry and post it on your facebook page. Keep your eye on unusual stuff in your city. When that happens go. And afterwards, if you liked it, post your review on your facebook page and talk about it to other kids in school.

      Don’t worry too much about being popular. Maybe join a sport. Like badminton. Or a sport that isn’t too team-oriented. I did track and field. And badminton.

      Listen to music. All the time. Kids love kids who can turn them onto new bands. Don’t just listen to the popular stations, listen to the odd ones. Be different. Go to different places. Maybe join the drama club at school and get involved in a play or two…or three. Lottttts of cool kids and gay boys lovvvvve the theatre. It’s a very cool place to meet other gay boys and girls.

      I hope that helps.


    2. @Adrian. It is fun to read an honest question like yours along with the exellent advice written by Stephen. Us old gay guys on this blog really do have a lot to offer you kids. I wish I had someone to talk to when I was your age and this site offers such an opportunity. If you follow Stephen’s suggestions a whole new world will open up to you.

  2. wow!!! Hunter is EXTREMELY cute!!!
    Next challenge is to let US spread it ALL over him, THEN lick it off! LOL!!!

  3. I hear a dog barking in the background. He should have laid down and let the little pup lick him clean!

    1. Look between the hip bones. It is an inverted V that points to the belt buckle and what is certain to be directly underneath the sagging pants. Imagine lines drawn between the hip bones and the buckle. Just inside that triangle where the tummy is streched causing an indentation in the skin. Hope that helps. I am assuming you are referring to the kid hanging from the tree.

      1. @ Bruce – my friend, i’m not certain if are jesting, or serious!
        or more likely due to you growing up in a time when many words now used, had a different meaning then.
        i wasn’t referring to his lovely “V” found on his yummy belly, but rather his V-Blog
        – IE: Video blogging.
        http : / / en (dot) wikipedia (dot) org / wiki / Video_blogging
        {without the spaces}

  4. Unless he knows the girl personally who set him this challenge, then I’m not thinking it was a girl at all ;)

    1. Was that a pun? I guess you would have to improvise re: the jam aspect of raspberry.

  5. Yes, his name is Hunter Tolliver; I do not know where this particular video came from and not sure if he still is doing v blogs, but he and a friend of his do a collab channel on youtube called MyStoryBook’s Channel. He has let his hair go back to brownish blond, but it is him.


  6. cute voice, cute eyes, cute hair, cute face, cute everything (well, everything that we could see, lol).
    and I’m w/ Sylvatica on the whole challenge thing, altho’ young teenage straight boys will do darn near anything to show off to girls.
    anyways, cute vid.
    and to hell with being the one to lick all the peanut butter off him. he was going to the SHOWER, and i’m betting he’ll need some help getting all that sticky ole peanut butter off his body :-)

    1. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!
      btw, he posts his FB link on his you-tube page…

  7. [admin note: no facebook links, please]

    Why not, he’s not that good looking as to inspire “stalk-arism” in people (i made up that word). Let people see so they can move on and forget about him. Plus it’s not his personal profile but a dedicated page to him (by him, strange i know). If he was still using the stickam profile you would have “xxx’d” that too right? xD

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