In the Academy for Learning in Dolton, Illinois, USA a 15-year-old kid with special needs got brutally beaten up by the police. It all started when an officer walked around the school hallway and verbally abused the boy. The poor kid tried to avoid him by walking away but the police officer just followed him and suddenly just bashed him into the wall, so hard that the boy fell right down, the officer just continues with the abuse, while the boy is telling him to stop and to let him stand up. The boy says later in an interview that he could hardly breathe, his nose got broken and his face was all swollen by the hitting.

This was all captured by a surveillance camera. The boy has a learning disability because he injured his brain when he was little. The police officer main job was to be at the school to protect the kids, but instead he got aggressive with this boy. No one from the academy commented the situation and the Dolton police department didn’t either. The boy has now been transferred to another school and is planning on filing a lawsuit.

Article by Stop Police Brutality

Congruously a recently published report on police brutality concludes: "Police in the US now rival criminals, and exceed terrorists as the greatest threat to the American public."