The Puritans fight back

Contrary to the chicken littles of the world, crime in America is down, way down. Oddly, as crime rates continued to plummet in the US the number of registered sex offenders is a growth industry. As the Washington Post reports, "Sex-offender registries have grown dramatically this decade…." They report there are now 716,319 people who are official pariahs in the United States, open to public harassment or worse because their names, photos and addresses are posted online. In 2001 the number was 403,000. So, in just eight years the number of registered offenders has almost doubled. It is basically heading for a doubling each decaded. Hmm, at that rate the entire population of the US should be registered sex offenders by the end of the century.
One reason for this explosion is that the reigstires are now casting wider and wider nets. Politicians have criminalized so much human sexuality that chances are good that everyone is sex offender at some point or another in their life. All that prevents them just combining the census with the sex offender list is they haven’t been efficient enough to catch everyone. One in five teens could be arrested as child pornographers for taking nude photos of themselves. Young teens who have consenting sex with each other get charged as sex offenders for molesting children. At one high school, if the law were applied as written, virtually every kid in the school would be a registered sex offender. Some girls were arrested for molesting themselves! — Read the whole Article

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  1. Yeah, I gotta admitt that is one thing in this Country that really bugs me is that there is always over-reaction
    to things from drug bust over nothing to Zero Tol. to this sex crime stuff !
    Just seems any more there is no middle ground, no common sence left.
    Good post, Josh ! (as always !)

  2. Names, photos and addresses aren’t just posted online, printouts are also distributed to all postal mailboxes around where the offender is living, how’s that for a nice welcome?

  3. One of America’s biggest problems is fundamentalist religion. It is the primary source of the anti-sex bias here. We have a long, long tradition of really crazy religious movements, from the Southern Baptists and their ilk (including a group that kisses rattlesnakes because the Bible tells them to), to Mormonism, to Scientology. It always amazes me that while the U.K. head of state is also the head of the Anglican religion, there is more effective freedom FROM religion in the U.K. than in the U.S. Likewise with Spain and France, historically totally Catholic countries. Please pray for America (irony intended).

    1. Scott,
      Here here. Thanks for an accurate treatise on the subject. There is also a book written by an attorney, Linda Patterson, called “Hate Thy Neighbor” which I’m currently reading. It is both eye-opening, and corroborative at the same time: what you thought to be true with regard to (in particular) Catholicism railroading viewpoints to a certain end with regard to homosexuality / abuse / rewriting the laws, is conceivably true.

  4. I agree. 99% of the worlds problems will go away of religion was removed. Laws are based on religion, not society. Enforceing thier religeous veiws on others.

  5. Its illegal to take nude photos of ourselves if were under 18? That’s retarded. Technically that would make me a sex offender. I better go encrypt some stuff…

  6. If they cuff him first, won’t they have to stuff his dick back in for him? He should sue for sexual assault!

    1. This has probably been asked but does anyone know the story behind that picture?

      2. Why was his cock out?
      3. And at what point did they stuff it back in his pants? :p

      1. Thank you, both of you, in this thread. Who pleads with the lad to re-place his penis into his trousers? Lol, I volunteer for the job! LOL. What a telling photo, all by itself.

  7. What a hottie. I couldn’t take my eyes off his big soft cock. Anyway, it’s not religion you should fear – it’s American liberalism. The Christian Right has been in retreat for years now, with almost no influence on public policy. The fastest growing belief systems in the USA are ATHEISM, followed by Islam, and right along with the growth of these, we have had repressive sex laws. Atheistic socialism and Islam are far more repressive than Christianity ever could be. The sex laws in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia – especially laws aimed at homosexuals, surpass anything in any Christian nation today. Please don’t bother me with history – we’re talking about today.

    1. Horselips is right; as I previously mentioned, American feminists have been the driving force behind much of the “child advocacy” whackoism since the late 1970s. It has served as a perfect way to criminalize male sexuality, and to gain influence over the younger generation of male “victims/future offenders.” Hence the internecine strife between Camile Paglia and the Left, etc. Everyone is loathe to call this by its name, lest the greater Leftist coalition be compromised. Remember Orwell’s “Anti-Sex League”? If all this doesn’t smack redolent of the Looking-Glass Policies of INGSOC in “1984”, dunno what could…

    2. Horselips, what alternate reality do you live in? Christians against Muslims, who the hell cares, they are both dangerous. It was the liberalism of the sixties and seventies in the United States that brought on the gay rights movement. If the conservative, right wing Christian, Rush Limbaugh listening, Glenn Beck watching, republicans had their way, we’d all be pushed right back into the closet. Nothing wrong with Atheism. Believing in supernatural powers is what screws people up. There is no Santa Claus and there is no guy in the sky named God watching you.

    3. The problem isn’t so much the belief systems you identify – “The Christian Right… ATHEISM, followed by Islam…” on and on — It is the desire to use the force of government to ‘improve other people’ – never oneself, of course” There is NOTHING in history that shows this brings anything other than the horrors we see under Shiria law or Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Iran – It’s a long list and, yes, in the United States it IS Liberalism, but it is also fundamentalist and Dominionist Christianity. It is ANYONE who wants to use the power of the government to enforce their views on others. Failing to persuade by the force of reason, which is mostly lacking, they tire of the effort to convince people and so they go to RAW POWER! The difference between the Left and the Right in America and elsewhere is what part of your life they want to use the government to control.

  8. Once as a cam counselor in Minnesota 91/92′ at after breakfeast singinging around a flagpole … how corney.

    I broke the circle and proceded to take a wee ~ 50 feet from the group facing the woods.

    When i returned the head camp boss – hinted on it beeing not a good idea , + be more carefull in the future.

    The closes toilet was a mile away . I really did not understand the problem . :-)

  9. There is no such problem in Russia.
    If you see 2 kissing guys on the street you all do not care. The fact is that we`ll not kiss on the street) Such education. We are not against homosexual relations. We object to display them on the show. Even so if it will happen, the maximum response will surprise.

  10. “mommy, can’t I jerk off?”
    “no, my son, if you do, you’ll be arrested for molesting yourself!”

    Man, that’s why the humanity advances SO slowly.

  11. Most people can live happy and productive lives unburdened by the delusions of others. Too many people want to use government to force others to live according to the standards they should be content to impose only upon their own conduct. Unfortunately they are never content to stop there. They say ridiculous things like “someone has to draw the line somewhere!” Any time you hear that, you are hearing a fascist at heart.
    Our economy is being destroyed not by greedy businessmen but by do-gooders why are willing to bankrupt the nation enforcing their views of civilization and propriety on others.

    1. I am not positive what is happening in this picture but it looks like it might be a boy at a Mardi Gras parade who was arrested for “displaying himself.” It is somewhat of a tradition during Mardi Gras parades for people to flash each other. Most times police “look the other way.” But maybe in this case they are looking for trouble when there wasn’t any real trouble.

  12. I’ve seen a larger version of that photo before where it’s fairly clear that it’s been photoshopped.

  13. I do not know if it is fake, but if it is true, I can not understand the crime here. He could not been molesting himself. There always has to be some complaint for this kind of arrest to stick. I do not think nudity in parades has ever been illegal.
    GREAT JOB DUDE! To hell with the stupid cops.

  14. A kid at my school just got TWO YEARS in jail for child pornography. I never really knew him well, we had a few classes together, and I hung with him at a party but we weren’t really friends.

    I can’t see how anyone could justify giving a 17 year old two years in jail simply for having pictures. How is that freedom?

    I love America but I fucking hate (most) Americans.

    As the great George Carlin once said, “Rights aren’t rights if someone can take them away.”

  15. taking a picture of yorself is not a sex offense as far as I can figure out just like nude beaches are not a sex crime……..but it seems like the laws might be trying to make these sort of things a crime just like they are trying to make out that marajuana is a dangerous drug, when it has never caused an overdose ever.

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