30 thoughts on “The Snow Dive”

            1. the original post here was the censored version.
              I did not claim to have the uncensored version, merely an off-line copy of what was first posted here

  1. Oh dear, seems I’ve lost count of how many times I watched this little vid so far…

    Thank you, Joshie.
    Thank you, Lewis.
    Thank you, God.

  2. MMMMM had I rather do this or take one of the Polar Plunges we have in this are. At least this kid is a lot hotter than a lot of the polar plunge people

    1. according to some of the youtube comments, originally it was shown and the video was flagged and deleted

  3. Too bad it has disappeared from Youtube before I got to see it. Anyone have a copy to post in a different way?

  4. Hi all. Who caught the uncensored and can repost? :-)
    The RapidShare link is dead.

  5. There’s a frame in the censored version where you can see his bits as the blur just misses. You need to have downloaded it and step through the frames individually to catch it though (or be very lucky with pause!). It’s around 32 seconds.

  6. Right. So…could someone repost again, plz?
    Even Lewis is stunned it’s censored (see his page).
    He doesn’t mind. :-)

  7. WOW! Lewis is certainly cute enough… no doubt he needs some personal warming up “one on one” after that plunge into the polar freezies.
    Volunteers ?
    Thanks Lewis
    Thanks Josh

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