37 thoughts on “The Sound of Tease”

  1. And what a cute bottom it is. I like to be on the other side of that much to big towel.

  2. I have a similar video clip, except he is not wearing a towel, can’t post ,cause it violates TOS :(

      1. Gaypornium, at least on my end, is not playing videos at present. You can go in there, single out a video, click on Play, but nothing happens. The site has probably been attacked or down…..been this way a few day now.

        1. the site has a dedicated server over at Level 3 communications in Montreal, so it is more likely they overdid the monthly bandwidth quota.

    1. Can I be cheeky and ask for this to please?

      On a semi-related note, who else thinks he looks a little bit like Dylan Patton?

  3. I follow him on twitter. He’s @OwenWilly. Just turned 18 a couple months ago and wants to get into porn. He’s hit up Brent Everett to help him. Very hot guy!

      1. So has anybody found the nudes other than the ones on awwrandomhotness or what to type in on gayporium or anything? I just found this right now and want more :)

  4. haha i got this guy added on facebook he went to my school and is a relationship with a girl :/

  5. His names Ryan walker. Str8 lives north of Brisbane Queensland and is a wanker but he knows he’s hot.

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