The Stav Surprise

Using the sex appeal of women showing as much skin as you can without getting into trouble is anything but a new concept to the advertisement industry. No matter what they’re trying to sell, it all too often comes with the not-so-subtle promise that naked ladies are somehow involved. The Japanese car company Toyota added a twist to this common plot line by casting a special model many of us adore for their latest ad. But see for yourself in the video below…


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  1. WOW!!
    Didn’t think Toyota had the balls to pull a stunt like this!.

    This ad would be banned in so many countries.

    1. Well now they obviously have the balls which were not exposed on this model and the photo was completely legal. I think of the famous Lenny Bruce routine about the 7 words not to be used on stage and he was about to be arrested if he did. So he supplanted those words with bla, bla bla and it turned out to be his funniest and most famous routine.

      This ad is beautiful, creative, funny and shrewd.

    1. afterthought… I’d like to see this one on Dutch tv. I can’t imagine the amount of complaints I’d hear on the workfloor when my breeder colleagues talk about finding out they lusted after a guy…

      1. “… when my breeder colleagues talk about finding out they lusted after a guy.”

        Quite some time ago, I did some contract work in Asia. And, as most of you know, when you have to be silent around boisterous heterosexual co-workers, you tend to hear one too many stories from some (or the same one because he likes to talk) regaling their “numerous” sexual exploits. And, also being in a country of Asia very well known for their very cute males dressed as females, their “exploits” tended to get quite roudy at times (just for the sake of their story?).

        On more than one occasion, this very similar type of story was quite popular to share from some “drunk hetero”:

        He’s in a popular ‘hetero’ club with many dancing ‘girls’ that have a number tag on them for ‘rental.’ He chooses one, takes ‘her’ to his hotel room or company apartment and proceeds to get personal with ‘her.’ Of course, every time, the ‘girl’ prefers to have the lights out for ‘romantic reasons’. When things progress to “hot and heavy” with them and he manages to get his hand anywhere near enough the ‘girl’s’ bottom half, he “suddenly discovers” this ‘girl’ has a penis. [Never mind that he would have had an opportunity to know this before he left the club.]

        Now, as he’s telling this, he’s just “intelligent enough” to suspect that by now, we’re eying him with looks that essentially say, “So, honestly, what did you do?” Since he anticipated this, he quickly raises his voice and tells all of us with a stern face that he proceeded to throw this “faggot” out of the bed and he “kicked ‘her’ ass” and then “threw ‘her’ out of the room”, and of course, didn’t pay for ‘her’.

        After hearing this similar story a few times, it finally occurred to me that this ‘hetero’ was advertising to us that he was actually interested in “experimenting” with one of us or letting us know how to pick up a rent-boy covertly. The entire ploy of him “finding out about the penis” was his way of saying he really wanted it from the right guy. Of course, to keep this covert, he had to invent some silly violent act against the ‘girl’ to deflect any true interest he had from all of us.

        1. Sorry, I forgot to tell you my point to the above post:

          How many “blue-blooded heteros” would publicly want anyone to know they couldn’t tell a male from a female? My guess is none — it obviously would be too humiliating for them (particularly if they are the least bit religious).

  2. Only in Japan would this take place as religion has such a low priority, especially christianity. Lovely model. I’d like to see more of him.

    1. Thank you for the reference to the “behind-the-scenes” vid. This really made it come alive and personal.

  3. I wonder how many hetrosexual guys say ” man she is hot ” at the start of the commercial. Dumb straight guys.

  4. Ummm….I think some CGI trickery is going on here; the first ‘female’ face you see coming towards you, is not his. After that I think they blended his backside slowly with a female’s so in the end shot, you get his reveal.

    I don’t want to keep going over and over the vid to pick it apart, because I adore the final visual effect. He is absolutely stunning, to say the least.

    1. I can see how the first facial shot could be touched up just a wee bit, not to mention makeup, but I would put my guess on the major differences coming from lighting, perspective and positioning, and not from a complicated CGI technique. That would be a bit too expensive.

      The sequence starts with bright light and head tilted just so, highlighting his femininity, then when he turns around there is a subtle use of shadows going on, with his jaw probably clenched, brows subtly lowered and tilting his head a bit aggressively to emphasizing the fact that it’s a guy.

      It definitely helps that the model is such a beauty, of course.

    2. I tend to agree with Toma. Run the clip once more and watch him walk. His beautiful buns look very feminine but I percieve a package between his legs that can be seen friom the rear during the final walk.

      1. Right, but that’s where I think they are ‘blending’ with CGI techniques. Nothing fancy like Star Wars, just some subtle computer enhancement that makes things look seamless. And the car company in question definitely has the $$.

  5. I’m just starting to study japanese, so this is a rough translation, but with the help of a good online dictionary, I believe the japanese phrase when he turns around says “turn your back to commonly accepted social etiquette”

    …only its a little more raunchy than that, cuz the character for “back” is the same one as “ass,” and thats not a particularly polite verb form either.

    kono ADO sugoi na~~~.

  6. So cool commercial, I like how the Japanese are always putting the last word in publicity making the whole world talk about their products and creativity, and I love Stav, obviously, he is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  7. Wow, this ad is stunning. As a bi-sexual person, I could not tell the model was a boy until I saw the close up of his chest. At first I really thought it was a hot sexy girl.

    Turned out to be a hot sexy boy…. Love it… I want to see more of this pure beauty….

  8. As a bi-sexual person, I am pretty good at spotting a hot looking girl or boy and knowing the difference between both….

    When I first saw this ad I truely throught this was a hot looking girl. Until he turned around and I saw his chest and saw a very hot looking boy.

    Wow, he is stunningly beautiful. Would love to see more of him….

    1. As Bruce said above…in the ‘runway’ walk to the car, there is a hint of balls through legs as you watch his rear. But there is also some computer blending as well. I only wish I could find date choices like THAT around these woods.

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