30 thoughts on “The Swedish Bath”

  1. This should be the definition of clean entertainment! – It also points to a future world where tags of ‘gay’ or ‘straight’ (etc.) will have no place; just freedom to be sexually alive.

  2. Lite dålig kvalite, men snyggt ändå. Svenskar faktiskt vet hur man ska festa, toppen! :)

  3. I’d hate to have to clean up that mess, but then again it doesn’t seem that they care much about the order of their flat.

  4. absolute freedom to do everything they like… isn’t it the definition of the paradise?

  5. examining how the freedom may be paradise may cause us to lose the freedom of paradise. so be aware! we’ve right to examine just what we’re allowed to. the creator of paradise doesn’t allow us to examine all kind of freedom in this world. just avoiding this kinds of freedom may let us to be in paradise.

  6. :O bleuch! reposting Josh? i see it has been a difficult week of server swapping XD well… we’ll forgive you! of course if you ever do need help, we’re all here more than happy to help you? i know i offer to help if you ever call!

  7. Hey! #18 what you talk`n bout?
    Their young and have`n fun, it`s all good!
    But NO Rubber Duckie ? lol

  8. Why is it every time a group of young nordic guys decide to get naked in a small bathtub, do they then decide to record it with the cr*ppiest camera in the world?

  9. Sweden, the worlds most beautiful and fun loving people. I’m a Swed but unfortunately I grew up in hostile, violent, alpha male macho driven central California. In the next life I will grow up in Sweden and take baths with a boy who looks like Johan Palm. Can you dig it?

  10. That girls screeming is giving me a headache. That apartment looks like a pig pen with out the pigs.I like having fun,but that to me looks like a lot of work cleaning up after the fun people leave.What ever turns you on.

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