The two Faces of a Queen

I guess most of you saw Alex Evans in this or that blog. Ever wondered what the MySpace Beauty Queen looks like without Photoshop? Well, StickyDrama found out. So don’t feel bad if you don’t look like all the MySpace Wannabe Stars ;o)


Alex with Photoshop


Alex without Photoshop


14 thoughts on “The two Faces of a Queen”

  1. Yea seriously.. lots of people actually believe they’re hot and shit… when theyre just average and use photoshop to make themselves look pretty…


  2. Wow, even the piercings are shopped? oO
    Don’t tell me this guy is sixteen years old.. he looks like at least 20 to me when he’s not shopped.

    Don’t think he’s cute / nice to look at, whether he’s shopped or not.

  3. It is indeed made of much layers (those who know photoshop undertand ;)
    In fact, his eyes are very well done, but its kinda easy to see they are photoshopped. Fun fact, I live in the same town as his.


  4. He looks much better without the PS. I like the natural look, and the girl looks great, all fuzzy like girls should look.

  5. well the piercings arent shopped i think cause there are some scars , so i think he put his piercings out, well i like both faces of him, with or without photoshop hee lokks without shop also cute ;-)

  6. this picture is just a bad shot… hes not the most photogenic person out there. havent you seen the videos from spencoid on youtube? he is really cute (and seems to be a bit retarded… but ok). and no, im not a fan, i dont know why everyone loves him so much.

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