The Warmth of Winter

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20 thoughts on “The Warmth of Winter”

  1. I am a nostalgic and rediculous old romantic. Perhaps the worst affliction to beleaguer an old man. “The Warmth of Winter” certainly names the photo and the music along with background sounds goes well with and enhances the mood of the photo. The boy brings a sense of warmth on a cold day.

  2. Milkboys – where were you when I was that age??
    This kind of stuff makes my morning :-).

  3. The bloom of youth that I contemplate raiser in me nostalgic for my own. My eye wrinkles and then sketched a knowing smile …
    (translated from French)

  4. Josh……..This was great loved the music, it was simple, but classic. The boy is hot……love to go in share a hot chocolate with him while he warmed up. Thanks for a great clip.

  5. His face, build and especially his hair reminds me of a very close friend when I was that age. I so treasured his friendship and company that I never risked even the slightest suggestion that I was madly in love with him. It was worth it. We parted ways when we grew up and now only the fond memories remain…

  6. that’s one of the best photo on this site, seriously. the sun in his hair and is face are angelic.

  7. Josh,
    Once again you’ve chosen a great match of music and picture.
    The picture is slightly out of focus, and the music has an almost cryptic or elusive background track to it, which seemed to parallel the pic well.
    The boy is both alluring as well as elusive, with a cautious beauty that seems to … dance.

  8. This gorgeous boy is the Sun and its warm rays in a winter landscape. Marvelous! Many thanks for posting such a beautiful and romantic picture.

  9. ^.^ Awesome photo. I saw it for the first time on Tumblr, even managed to check the exif properties of the picture.
    Jelly of both, the photographer knowing that guy AND using his camera so effectively.

    //in case there’s anyone out there who cares ,lol – Nikon d3000 + f1.4/50mm afd

  10. Cute boy. The sunlight shining from behind makes it look like a halo around him :) Rye if that is what u look like in ur little icon then u look good lol :)

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