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Do you have a spare… second? We’d like to know which photo theme days you like best and which not so much. If you have ideas for other theme days we’d be happy to hear about them in the comments. And if you have any photos we should use please mail us! :)

Let me also use this opportunity to give you a quick update about milkboys in general: The music and the video sites are still coming, working on them took longer because there were a couple of things coming up in my life I didn’t expect a year ago (only good things, no worries ;p). Along with these we’ll update the forums which, among other things, means a better gallery and a mobile chat.


33 thoughts on “Theme Day Poll”

  1. I got one for you but it dose not ryme. It is called. Green Thursday because if you wear green on that day it shows that you are a queer and that is what I wear on that day green everything underwear shirt and pants or shorts

  2. I thought I would be in the minority for voting Fapping Friday. It seems dirty minds think alike.

  3. I enjoy most of the days themes however I would say my least favorite is Cute Caturday.

    My favorite day would have to be Sporty Sunday:
    With pics like these, who could argue:
    (Apologies about the numerous links)

    And then I will never forget this pic on Stalking Saturday:

    1. I love those photos too, but they could just as easily been listed as “Tummy Tueseday”, thus that is My Favorite Day!!!

  4. After voting for some of my favourite topics I realized that I had forgotten to mark Trap Thursday, which rises so much thoughts about gender, and that it was not possible to mark the Periodical Political Post, one of the most interesting topics at Milkboys, and that the variety in subjects is in fact the thing that makes this blog so interesting. We cannot thank Josh enough for maintaining this blog.

    An idea for a new topic would be to draw some more attention to the great boy photographers (from von Gloeden to Mochorev): Photography Friday?

    1. It would be wonderful to have boy photographers featured here especially as there are many talented youngsters out there.

      I have a lot of gratitude to Josh and the other Milkboys admins / moderators for keeping this site AWESOME and interesting. Thanks guys for an awesome job!

  5. I wish there were more Cute Caturday posts. Especially if they have their whiskers drawn on.

    But I really appreciate just about all the content posted here! Thanks a million :D

  6. What about Masterbating Monday? Ten Inch Tuesday? Widen me Wednesday? Thrusting Thursday? Felatio Friday? Sodomise me Saturday? and Sunday Day of Rest?


    1. The voting results so far seem to be in line with your suggestions – an overwhelming preference for the more explicit, sexier themes, with little enthusiasm for most of the merely suggestive, fringe or artistic offerings.

  7. My favourite is Tender Thursday, I think that’s particularly heart-warming. It’s nice to see something a little bit romantic.

    Cute Caturday with whiskers is also high on my list.

  8. Not to go against the cat fanciers, but we really need a boys + dogs (or puppies) feature at least now and then.

  9. Josh, seriously? I can only choose three?? I pretty much chose 3 at random, because I really like all the themes.

  10. aw, i am disappointed that most of the votes go towards the more pornographic posts. i can find porn anywhere, no offense intended. finding beautiful, high quality pictures of boys (especially their faces) is hard though. i really hope that the blog won’t become more pornographic even after the majority votes it that way :<

    1. Ha Ha. Exactly the 3 choices I couldn’t care less about. But hey – 3 cheers for freedom of speech and freedom of thought. No matter what Josh keeps or deletes, we all win.

  11. I find it hard to believe that Snoop Sunday has so few votes? How can you not love a boy with a dog? I also have Tender Thursday rather high up on my list.

    1. I beg to differ… but I am also allergic to cats so I do not exactly see the appeal of coloring in my nose and drawing on whiskers.

  12. i agree with Boo above that porn is everywhere but pictures of sweet boys are difficult to come by.
    i find mirror mondays and stalking saturdays to come with some of the cutest boys i found on this blog. sad that few other people like them..

  13. Oh, the irony!

    Josh, I suggested a little more than a month ago that you start a new post called “Survey Sunday”.

    (Who sings better, a or b?; Which do you prefer, x, y, or z?; Who is cuter, etc., etc.)

    I never got a response to my idea, and here you are, doing a survey of your website! Based on the responses, what do you think of my idea now?

    0858 24.6.12

    1. I changed my userid from “Markus” to “DeutscheMarkus” because I got tired of people asking why I spell my name with a “k”. Self explanatory now. Is this OK with you?

      I know, rule #4, no off topic comments, sorry!

    2. The idea of polls is not exactly new, we had this and similar polls here over the last 5 years ;)

      1. Oh, OK then, I was not aware of any. This has been my favorite website for about the same period of time; I must have missed them or just forgot. Thanks!

        Vielen Dank zum Ansprechen auf meiner Frage.

        0135 25.6.12

      2. Josh – I just noticed that my e-mail notification of your above response contains one more line than what shows above. Odd.

        To answer your question, I sent the suggestion by your e-mail link sometime in May (could have been April), and I went into a little more detail about how you could work it while preventing a free-for-all of off topic comments, grandstanding, and hissy fits.

        Hope this helps, and feel free to contact me if you may still be considering the idea.

        0734 28.6.12

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