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  1. and that kind of change (or should I say evolution?) is not only highly probable, but inevitable, only a matter of time. and that’s exactly why we can perceive an increase of right-wing movements and manifestations. they’re getting to (or already on) the desperation point.

    1. Exactly. Have you kept up on the NAR movement with Rick Perry in america? Deluded but scary.

    2. History is not an incline towards progress; we must fight for it until it is certain.

      1. Maybe the saying should have been “They didn’t have electricity for the light bulbs back in the dark ages.” I don’t know lol

  2. I always loved Patrick Stewart’s line at one of the HBO gay comedy specials; “If you are in the closet and watching this, you are special. Most people can’t get cable in their closet!”

  3. Maybe there are important cultural differences surrounding closet lighting. I’ve lived in many houses, some of them relatively new and modern, and none of them had closet/cupboard/wardrobe lights. I notice all of the posters with closet lighting are from the US but that’s not a good sample size. I think this warrants further investigation … or not

  4. I have a friend who is fond of saying the hangers are still swinging from when he came out of the closet. “Why would I stay in there, it’s dark!”

  5. You need to have lighting in your closet so you can see who you are bumping into when you step out, such as anti-gay Representative Phil Hinkle, who was caught paying for sex with a male teen.

  6. Hmm yes teasing homophobes by going “YOU’RE SECRETLY GAY” isn’t homophobic at all…

  7. Josh. I nolonger recieve email of new comments posted. Is anyone else experiencing this change?

    1. The plugin handling those mails was updated recently. If anyone else has similar problems let me know and I’ll look into it.

  8. My closet has a skylight and sunken halogen pots. Not to mention 8×8 wall mirrors and a Tallboy and Chifforobe. God you poor people just make me ill I swear. HAHAH just kidding yall!

  9. I’m soooo deeeep in my (the) closet. I wonder if it’s common among closeted older queers/bis to just rather leave it all there and not bother to come out. But not for the reasons younger gays/bis might think. There’s an honesty, and a huge amount of courage when you come out as a teenager. Bravery is respected no matter the circumstances. But older guys have lived with our secret so long , and we have built numerous lifelong friendships and relationships – especially among our equally older peers, and more especially among our children and other family members that coming out now might be seen quite differently. Were we just cowards our entire adult lives? Or worse, poseurs? Or even worse, liars? Especially to wives and/or ex wives. Would such a revelation be seen as overly dramatic or selfish? Even narcissistic? What would it do to those of us with long established reputations for honesty in our businesses and social networks? How would you feel about someone you thought you knew, but just found out you never knew? Could you ever trust him on anything again? It’s a tough call.

    Of course the world teenage boys live in today is vastly different from the world I grew up in, and a decision to come out today is a bit less melo-dramatic. But, depending on your family’s individual ideology, maybe not much less at all.

    And then, there’s one more consideration. In the 1960s-1970s when I grew up, homosexual experimentation & horseplay between teenage boys was common-but- unmentioned. It was assumed, expected and accepted that everybody in the circle jerk was straight even as we masturbated and sucked each other off. We all then, as expected, ‘graduated’ to girls when confidence and opportunity allowed. Some of us just never lost our appetite for our own gender, and it ‘worked’ to keep that to ourselves. To stay in the closet was considered good form -what was ‘done.’

    So, what to do? The obvious answer of course is “NOTHING.” That sleeping dog may lie in peace, the boat is steady as she goes-unrocked by me. Dishonest? Not at all. it’s simply nobody else’s business. Truth be told, I have come to like my closet after all. In a world where so many make their lives an open book, I kinda sorta like having a deep dark secret shared only by a few intimates. Nobody gets hurt, nobody’s sensitivities are imposed upon, nobody is forced to “act” in response. It’s exciting being able to move back and forth at will between life’s different worlds. It brings a little drama, a little selfishness, even a little narcissism to life that is deliciously fun.

    1. Look, If I was 18 and coming out would enable me to get more sweet hot boy ass, then it might be worth it for all the bashing hatred you’ll endure. But if your already grey haired and saggy and no sweet boy would fuck you with a ten foot pole, what is the god dam benefit to coming out? You will still be jacking off alone in bed unless your one of those weird gay guys who actually wants to sleep with an old man your own age, fuck that, NOT ME. The only people who would actually benefit in this scenario are lisping queens and angry bull dykes, who are totally full of shit because if they had any choice would stay in the closet themselves. Besides those people hate us “daywalker” type gay men who are not denied opportunity like they are. I like things how they are thank you very much. Give me a rent boy for hundred dollar bill, a doublewood malt whisky and a viagra pill once a fort night to get the poison out of my balls and I am happy. Being out is over hyped.

    2. horselips, you said it all. Thank you so much. As an older guy (I’m 65) I can relate to and appreciate every word you said.

  10. My closet has been chopped up for firewood before I had any pubes. The curse of a Queen, but not one that lisps.


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