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    1. I’m sorry but what does that have to do with this video? Honestly. That’s all some people think about. How sad.

      This video is amazing, and that is one jaw-dropping dive coming from a kid who’s only in 8th grade. WOW!!!

      1. aw. don’t be too harsh on catboy now. I mean in all fairness, half of the concept of this site is to be able to express thoughts we all carry related to guys, and when you put one like that in a speedo its kind of hard not to go there.. i mean for sure, the first thing I think of watching this is the incredible power, and ability of the body to perform such artistic athletics, but I sure wasn’t turning away when hopped on up all wet, out of the pool. jus sayin.

      1. yeah i know…it has the same country twice on it with two different ‘ratings’ =)

  1. the human body is divinely inspired. This video is direct proof. Its really amazing how drawn in one can be simply by the curves, arches, and design of another. beautiful. absolutely beautiful.

    1. I agree with your comments. This kid is breathtakenly beautiful. Note his perfectly balanced and graceful yet natural walk. His walk expresses so much. Beautiful kid, inside and out.

  2. This is an older video I just noticed, but that rarely matters. The point that I think is well-illustrated here is that teenage boys are capable of some pretty amazing stuff =)

  3. That was filmed in my hometown!! lmao I was like “Why does that pool look so familiar?” Then I saw “St Peters Recplex” on the diving platform. lol I had my thirteenth birthday party in that pool xD

  4. I’d like to see him life guard at a pool. His jump into the water to rescue a drowning kid would be amazing! :p

  5. soonerkid:

    the human body is divinely inspired. This video is direct proof.

    I’m not sure I can agree on the ‘divinely inspired’ bit – otherwise jaw-dropping examples of beautiful people like this would be in the majority. But he’s a first class example of fantastic genes. :)

    I see that Thomas is 20 now. I think he and Tom Daley ought to hook up. Now that would be cute couple. :D

  6. oh josh, you Yanks are so fucking cruel! Howe can i a devout Anglophile chose between this god and are own beautiful Tomas Daley, you should feel ashamed for my torment.

    1. Our Tom is more muscled.

      But Thomas was and is stunning in his own right.

      And as for the pillock going on about the size of a teen boy’s cock, you are a Mong.

    2. It’s NOT the LOCATION which ‘defines’ the beauty of boys — it’s the GENES! BOTH are quite beautiful, regardless of their country. :-) And, PLEASE, stop butchering your ‘Queen’s English!’ RE-READ BEFORE you SEND, PLEASE. Thanks. :-)

      1. Just little bit too far up your own arse there boy.

        Perhaps you should learn English comprehension before you embarrass yourself in public again.

        Typical septic.

  7. wow. nice vid also quality is not that good. Nice having him seen in person in 2007 on a platform, has been still adorable with around 17/18 years.

    So this video must be like from 2003/2004. Google helps and says it was 2004 in St. Petersburg/Florida

  8. Grace, beauty, poise, power, confidence, and a smile that melts the heart. The perfect package. This young man is why the Greeks sculpted statues of boys – they understood what a treasure they were. Perfection.

  9. divers, in my opinion, are the most beautiful things to walk the planet. just look at him! one of my best friends is a diver, and he is gorgeous, and ive caught girls talking about him, tho they swear me to secrecy.

    besides that, diving is very fun and enjoyable, ive done it sporadically with my friend numerous times

    1. I know you didn’t ask me directly, but: it’s a word for like a retard, or a spastic. I first heard it Liverpool. Very cruel and horrible word when taken in it’s original context. In reality it’s just a random insult though.

  10. If both Tom (Daley & Finchum) could make babies … I would adopt one with great pleasure :-)
    Swimming develops really beautiful bodies … of course you need to have a potential to be developped.

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