Three Summers

Jørgen lives abroad, but every summer he and his wife come back to Denmark. As usual they invite the neighbours and their teenage son Thomas over for dinner. Only, this time there is a strange tension in the air between the adults. After dinner, Jørgen and Thomas go for a walk and discover that both have problems they can’t share with anyone. Disclosing their secrets to each other is what starts the friendship between them but through the course of the next two summers their relationship develops in a way they didn’t expect.

Original Title: Tre Somre

19 thoughts on “Three Summers”

  1. I don’t know. Very well filmed/acted. I suppose there is a bit of sweetness here. And Denmark knows how to grow some hot boys. But once in a while can’t the gay guys stay together? I’d sure keep Thomas.

    And I don’t believe Thomas as a top…

  2. I can testify to at least three guys I know of that define themselves as “straight”, who have dabbled in sex with other guys. Likewise, I know quite a few women who enjoy physical intimacy with other women. I think this story makes plain how ludicrous is the notion that we are exclusively of one orientation or another; and what unnecessary pains we go through when we can’t openly acknowledge that fact and just move on. +Points too, for the jazzy soundtrack.

  3. This was so painful for me to watch. It was so painful and confusing to finally figure out that I was bisexual. I had just watched something of my life portrayed in this film. I grew up with the painful secret that I was gay but during my 20’s I discovered I also liked women which made it easy to live out (hide out) my adult life as a heterosexual. I can also relate to being seduced by a teen boy during my early 50’s and subsequent alcohol abuse and reclusive life for the remainder of that decade.

    1. Bruce, you were born in the wrong decade. Next time I come out west, I swear I’m going to drive down to Oregon to bring you a big ol’ hug and cook for you; sounds like you could use it.

      1. No need to feel bad for me as I had my day in the sun and during the spring of my life. In the next life I will have a few more of those sunny days.

  4. I myself thought Thomas was gorgeous and yet a young boy who had a lot to learn. This dude, that Thomas has seem to find a love affair with is such a prize. You well most likely disagree with me,this dude is going to divorce his wife because she,as he puts it, is a stupid bitch. He has never been with a guy until Thomas came along and got him stired up. But you can see he went for the female side of sex until he found someone he could ,supposably be in love with, until he finds that she is just another dumb bitch. I show that Thomas had very beautiful eyes and a handsome lad at that. That scene with Thomas in bed shows he also has a very very nice butt.

    1. Initially, I read Jørgen as being a bit of a dick. Quickly though, I came to understand that he is a person who is not used to feeling vulnerable. Witness his reaction when Thomas seduces him; he is tremulous, scared and not in control of the situation. Take note also, of his relationship with women. He is clearly the domineering type; such a person would have great difficulty surrendering to the kind of level-playing-field love that Thomas represents. For me, this film is less about gayness, than it is about Jørgen’s unwillingness to be vulnerable or love equally and unconditionally. In this context, Thomas comes across as the wiser one.

    2. Thomas was more than gorgeous he was an absolute angel. He made all the right moves and said the right words.

      1. I should add that I thought Thomas’ blackmail line was so cute. He playfully presented an offer that could not be refused. I couldn’t.

  5. I thought it was an awesome short film. Thomas is really cute. I felt like him too. The age you can have sex in Denmark is 15, but his sexual encounter was at age 14. Wasn’t it? Not sure. It hurts to want sex know you’re too young.

    Does it really matter, though? He was obviously the aggressor, not the man. Although the man has the responsibility to say “no” for the both of them. I remember falling for my best friend’s uncle when I was 13. But it didn’t go anywhere. I was to scared to ask.

    1. As I posted above, I know what it is like to be relentlessly seduced by a very good looking and intelligent 17 year old. I did not think something like that would ever happen.

    2. The first summer he was 14.
      The second summer, when he seduced Jørgen, he was 15 (and therefore above the age of consent).
      The third summer, he was 16.

      1. It is a plus that all was legal here. I thought that Dashiell nailed the dynamics of this relationship. I thought this film was well acted and believable. I was very moved by the acting but of course I brought a lot of my own baggage into this film. For me, Thomas was perfect.

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