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Many young people were murdered or bullied into suicide this year because they were or appeared to be gay, lesbian, bi, trans or somewhere else outside of the spectrum that society deems normal. Their friends & loved ones will have to spend these holidays & many more to come without them. Let’s not forget them, let’s fight for a better world in their memory.

Be safe.


26 thoughts on “Threnody”

  1. He is so cute and seeing that tear just created a big rift in my heart. I feel so sad when people commit suicide just because people can’t accept them and then bullies them because of it ;(
    I hate the media for not covering their stories, and the governments for not addressing these problems

  2. As someone who has lost 2 friends to suicide and narrowly averted being gay bashed twice, I am grateful that others take time to remember the lives lost or scared because of anti-gay bigotry. It is also a good time to thank our straight allies for standing up for us and our LGBT brothers and sisters who have opened their hearts to embrace those who so desperately need our help.

  3. I will take this night to remember the countless lives lost to suicide by young gay teens. I could have so easily been one of them as I made two attempts back in 1964. Luckily I was not successful. Merry Christmas to all the regulars here.

    1. Merry Christmas back to you, too, Bruce. We grew up in a different time, but it seems the difficulties haven’t lessened so much. I for one am glad you didn’t succeed on your attempts.
      Have a good end of the year, and may the New Year be bright for you.

    1. I don’t think the Winter Soltice is any big deal to get excited about. It’s been happening for millions of years and quite frankly has become a big bore.

      1. idk, Nic, the daze are getting longer again and if the medeival minded peasants wish to celebrate it too, let them.

  4. For those of us that do believe in xmas, Merry Xmas and pray for those innocent brothers and sisters in church today.

  5. @ Bruce Tharp – 1964 ! things were no easier then… glad you made it; many didn’t & were never valued for who they Really were.

    @ Nicolaus C. – just because YOU devalue admittedly predictable celestial events is no reason to be mean to we who like to jump about for Natural Occurrences ;)~

    Peaxe to all who live this Season & Prayers for those who no longer inhabit the flesh… we’ll see them soon enough – complicated Buddhist sensibilities, Sorry.

    .. and a FUNKY KWANZA to ALL !!!

  6. Merry Christmas to all and I hope you well all have a Good New Year. I hope that we all look at one another with a more kindhearted thought in mind. Unfortunately it seems that one well find it easier to beat on someone we don’t understand then it is to try to understand.

  7. Aside from the comments that both the boy and the music moved me greatly, is this not a boy we’ve seen a time or two on Milkboys?
    He looks familiar.
    Thanks Josh. This post was a good rememberance of many things.

  8. And it should be mentioned that every time a queer says “you can’t truly be gay until you are 18″ you are pushing a kid closer to suicide.

  9. rest in peace all those poor kids/teens and adults who were bullied to death, because they could not be who they really are!

  10. I picture really does say a thousand words. I know this guy. He’s me. He’s my best gay friend. He is all of us really. This is the face of abuse and oppression.

    I think when Jesus comes back he’s going to tell us that we (humans) perverted his message to one of hate and exclusion. If Jesus is real, he coming back really angry. He asked us only two things as laws:
    1) To love thy Lord thy God.
    2) The love each other as you love yourself.

    1. Yeah, that’s the theory. Too bad the reality is something else. Bone up on the Spanish Inquisition if you want to know what is waiting for you.

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