Tom Daley

We had an post about 14 year old Tom Daley earlier this year but due to the Olympic Games… have another one ;)

Besides that BoyMagnet sent us an article and an interview with Tom.


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  1. also, vor der leistung mußte schon mal respekt haben, echt klasse. und dann noch in dem alter, prima.
    klar, schnuckelig schaut er auch aus, ja :-).

    ich schau ja auch die spiele, sogar am samstag die deutschen turner gesehen.
    was die können, irre. und dann schauen einige typen mal schweinegeil aus.
    geile körper die sich quälen, wie ich drauf stehe :-P.


  2. Ein liebes Kerlchen. Too bad he and his partner were only ranked 8th today, but he has still a good chance to win a medal in the individual competition of the 10 m platform diving, so watch out for him on Saturday the 23rd!

  3. wow damn… he looks good.

    also gut schaut er ja schon aus^^ um nich sogar zu sagen^^… geil haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar…

  4. Cë eta dalkintuo dezka’të, tër lazo’ed fare’té ferso’na sal okan!
    If I were a judge, they would have done better than eighth!

  5. JOSH. I don’t have the words to describe what this video did to me. Dude, are you trying to kill me? I almost stopped breathing. I LOVE YOU MORE EVRY DAY JOSHIE_KUN!!!

  6. Yeah I saw that on television. I thought to myself… this person is familiar! He spent like 40 minutes under the shower with that towel of his!

  7. There was a video about Tom who said “this is physical perfection” …

    But it also beginned whis : “He is cocky, supremely self confident and very very cool” … i’m french … what does “cocky” mean ? :-))

  8. Cocky means that he is VERY SURE of Himself and his talents and is not afraid to show that. COCKSURE is the other word for it ! :o)

    The Russian guy look MUCH better ;o)

  9. well i think thomas and his partner should have won because that was a very good dive and it was at the same time
    and the other thing is that thomas really wanted to win (I THINK) well i think he did really well oh and i would let him win because he is cute

  10. LOL @ announcers: “Tom make grow to be bigger than Blake in the next couple of years.” (at 1 min 15 secs)

    As far as I’m concerned, though, Kristian Ipsen takes the cake.

  11. @5:

    This photo is from with a removed watermark.

    If there are further illegal copyrighted pictures on the linked site, please remove the link. thanks.

    Victor was actually 14 on this picture at the european championships 2006. Now he is 17 and also nominated for olympia. So I hope he will compete from 10m to see him compete with Tom Daley.

  12. I think all this hype about Daley is way overdone. Sure, he is cute. Sure, he is young and fresh. So we can admire him as a beautiful young thing. But as a sporting professional he is just not ready for the Olympics. His head is not in the right place. He should stop admiring himself in the mirror and get back to doing the basics right, training hard and learning from every dive. And the rest of us should recognize that he is just a kid and that he should be left to get on with it. Putting him on a pedestal is a slap in the face to all the professional sportsmen and women who have been training for these Olympics for years.

  13. I agree with Eric, but i do believe that Daley will do better diving alone as opposed to doing synchronized diving.

  14. Tom’s on a world stage and seems to be doing well enough with it. Sure, he may be a bit young and inexperienced. But he won the European Diving Championships at 13. 99.9% of 14 yo males get to make mistakes growing up more or less in private. Some get Gold and publicity. Very young celebrities often get an easy pass with the public and the media. So do cute little puppies. Just the way it is. Other older divers get as fair a share of recognition as seems reasonable. I hope all the drooling on sites like this doesn’t upset him. Then too, maybe he’s flattered whether str8 or gay or still figuring it all out which is like many of his non-diving peers.

  15. I’d like to point out American Thomas Finchum (10m, and 10m synch):

    He caught my eye in the 10m synch diving and I thought he was a total f**k. Don’t know about the gay part, but after watching his bio on TV I certainly fantasized. Not as cute as a kid, but now …. total f**k. Here are some related pics.

  16. Tom reached the 8th place at the plattform diving semifinals and will dive in the finals at 2 pm CENTRAL European time.

  17. Great vid i would love to download it Tom Is so damn sexy if there is a way to download it would love to know thanks keep up the good work

  18. wish they would get rid of the blue signs on the vid so u can see tom’s bulge easier and victor bulge hot.

  19. Tom Daley is gay or bi he’s defo not str8 so what he’s had girlfriends don’t mean he’s not gay the way he talks and acts and if u notice when he walks he shakes his hips plus he snaps his head how girls snap there fingers when they click and move there arm at same time if u get me

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