Help us by watching Porn :p

Want more of this Hottie?
Visit Helix Studios :)

As many of you know a lot of new milkboys-related projects (including a social network and a video site) are planned for the near future. Due to the high amount of concurrently visitors being on the different sites we already have we’re already operating at the bandwidth limit of our current server ‘tho. That’s why I’d like to buy a second server soon to host the new projects. At the moment we’re paying $300 per month for this server, the new one will add about $150 to the monthly bill.

If you want to help funding this and the new server you can do so by watching porn. Seriously ;) If you sign up at Helix Studios or one of their related sites with this link milkboys will earn a commission of $35. The cool thing about it is that one month (non-recurring!) there costs only $34.95 so we get every cent you spend and you get a month of porn for your donation :)


15 thoughts on “Help us by watching Porn :p”

    1. Helix Studios is not the “video site” Josh is talking about. That plan is (as far as I can know) a plan entirely.

      A social network? Meh.
      Video site? Yay!
      As long as it doesn’t threaten the existence of the blog :)

      1. I agree. There a plenty of straight porn sites but this site is so much more. Nicholas discribed this site as a unique combination of beauty and politics. I would really hate to see anything threaten this site. I would really mis the comments and interaction made by those who regularly frequent this site which I find to be a very unique group where young and old can learn from each other.

  1. uii uii uii, auf dem link, da sind die ja ganz schön nackt :-P.
    keien ahnung wo du immer sowas auskramst, aber nett anzuschauen ist es immer wieder.
    nur finde ich, ein bisserl die haare hätte er sich schon schneiden können :-D.


  2. wow, the cute guys in the picture look really young :) Only one more year till I’m 18, is that still considered a minor?

  3. It was a sacrifice to subscribe and I’ll probably have all the videos “sacrificed” before the month runs out.

  4. I have no money…=(
    Give them to me…maybe…
    has everyone know where to download this kawaii without money?

      1. Yes, signing up at every site advertised here helps :) HomoEmo pays $15 per sign-up. I have to say ‘tho that I’m still waiting for the first check from HomoEmo, I just hope it will come at some point.

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