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  1. @claude r. simard

    A hermaphrodite is a person who has the sex organs of both sexes. You would have to check out his sex organs to see if he is a hermaphrodite. A hair style is not what determines if someone is a hermaphrodite.

    Presuming he has no female genitalia, the word Androgynous is the correct word to use.

    I once knew a true hermaphrodite who later had his male apparatus removed so he could be strictly female. The decision was his, now hers!

    1. Actually, they prefer to be called ‘Intersex’. And technically, they have remnants or parts of both male & female genitalia. ‘Usually’ they have one organ that is fully functional, while the other is not 100%. I’m not sure it’s possible in humans to ever have a fully functioning penis that produces sperm and a fully functional vagina that has ovaries and produces eggs-all in the same body. It is possible that neither organ is 100% functional, however. And they are not lumped into transgender folks….they prefer to be separate. Their biology makes them unique in the world.

      Even if the skinny guy pictured is a post-op trans, he’s not intersex.

        1. I run PFLAG here and we have three intersex folks in our group and an equal number of transgender folks. Educate yourself before you bitch.

  2. Hm his body seems very unfit or is it just me? Of course beautiful face etc but his body … naahhh not so hot.

    1. It’s not just you, I can count his ribs just by looking at him. I like slim guys, but he looks like he’s malnourished in that pic, which is a look I’ve never liked.

      I also don’t think his features look very androgynous, it’s mostly the haircut that make him appear so and the makeup that adds to the effect. But then I’m used to looking at guys with long hair and drag queens so maybe I just don’t see people the way others do.

  3. MMMMmmmmm – cute, Really Skinny, though.

    on a semi-unrelated note: the linkthru [towelroad] has the TinTin movie trailer [YAY!!!!] + a kewl article on how TinTin is Gay Like Us…. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  4. Awe C’Mon dude – give Josh a break here. He’s a great guy, but still a citizen-subject of the EU, where free speech is intentionally ‘moderated’ (censored) if it’s outside the bounds of political correctness. A comment that goes against the ideology, agenda, or suggests an unpopular or controversial position that could ignite a flame war with the over-sensitives can get your post booted. It’s happened to me. But hey, I also believe in private property and capitalism, and this is Josh’s board, and he has monarchical priviledge. So get over it, get used to it, be grateful, and enjoy the beautiful thing he has created here for our free enjoyment.

  5. LOL – the comment by Biology 101 about comments being ‘moderation’ has been booted, so my ‘reply’ (#8)is no longer relevant. LOL. Oh well, maybe it will come back.

  6. I guess for some, sex and gender will always be an emotionally complicated thing and worthy of imposed restrictions.

  7. Really wish this guy wasn’t the poster child of androgeny. Tired of always seeing Andrej Pejic every damn time the word is mentioned. He is not that attractive and far from a realistic representation.

  8. The point of the article is the sexophobia of the United States. They are afraid of the girly boy.

    1. its more than a “sexophobia” in the good ‘ol U.S. of A… there’s a downright hysteria over any nudes of any youths. like the guy who got turned in by the drug store employee because the guy took innocent nudes of his kids on a camping trip. the hell the man & his kids & family then went through, sounds like chit right out of nazi Germany. and to think that merely 30 years ago one could find that book {the name & author escapes me at the moment} in Barnes and Noble showing nude children. this country has become nudity hysteria sick.

    2. Yes the U.S. is cerainly sexophobic but sadly we are not the only country with this problem.

  9. Well good for Barnes and Noble. I never heard of Dossier Magazine before, until now. I would imagine this censoring they’re doing will greatly increase the magazine’s sales and profitability. Perhaps they did this on purpose on the hopes of this sort of reaction in the U.S.? Personally I don’t find him all that attractive, with the feminine face and hair.

  10. Who cares?

    Barnes and Noble is free to decided what they think might be offensive to their customers.

    All of the non-stories on this blog that are aimed at getting people riled up over essentially nothing is becoming somewhat tiresome.

    1. “essentially nothing”? there is an ever increasing erosion of rights and basic freedoms being imposed on U.S. Citizens.
      people better get “riled up” before its too late…
      wake up Americans…

      1. How is this eroding anyone’s rights? Barnes and Noble is a private company. It is their RIGHT to decide what they think might offend their customers…

    2. And who said they’re not allowed to decide that? Or shouldn’t allowed to do so?

      The post is supposed to illustrate that there’s something wrong with the average customer if Barnes and Noble thinks they have to censor it, not that Barnes and Noble should be punished for doing it.

      But thanks for telling me what the stories on this blog are aimed at after not reading them careful enough to understand them

      1. Oh don’t worry Josh, I read the “article”. I also understood what you were getting at. The quote in the article mentions it explicitly, so there was no real mystery there.

        It is still a non-issue.

  11. Skinny, well maybe. Nice nipples though, as Kate had when she got out of the car at Westminster (really, did no one else notice?). Its OK though, neither of them are minors.


  12. I wrote « hermaphrodite » because, to my eyes, he/she seems to have discret female breasts. Sorry.

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